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Advancing International Research and Strategic Partnerships

WSU has a longstanding and rich history of global outreach and engagement ranging from Ecuador to Afghanistan, and Kenya to Australia. Strategically expanding our international alliances and integrating WSU’s priorities in research, education and outreach are critical to our land-grant mandate and being competitive in today’s knowledge and innovation-driven global economy. At the office of International Programs, staff specializing in International Research services support WSU’s faculty, students and staff in their scholarly and creative activities across the globe and in promoting WSU priorities in agriculture, clean technologies, health, and other research endeavors. IP works closely with other offices across campus including the office of Research and various colleges and schools to offer a range of services:

(1) Identifying and disseminating international funding opportunities

(2) Supporting internationally relevant proposals and strategic alliances

(3) Facilitating interdisciplinary partnerships

(4) Profiling international interests of faculty and departments

(5) Monitoring and evaluating the impact of WSU’s international research footprint

IP Initiatives and Services:

International Funding Opportunities

  • Search, analyze and match international opportunities to research and professional interests of WSU faculty, staff, and students
  • Conduct customized searches when requested
  • Disseminate list of current funding through OGRD's Informer site and departmental contacts
  • Maintain IP online database (to be launched soon) and IP-Research mailing list
  • Cultivate alliances (institutional, agency, non-profit, private sector, etc.) aligned with global research opportunities

International Proposal Development

  • Provide samples of proposals, letters of interest/intent, letters of support from international partners, and impact assessment, monitoring and evaluation frameworks
  • Assist in reviewing proposal guidelines and requirements
  • Provide project investigators with detailed information about WSU’s record of international engagement, IP services and other items as may be required in the proposal or application
  • Provide guidance to WSU faculty, students and staff on proposal content development and reviews for improving proposal competitiveness as well as budget preparation
  • Edit, format, and ensure the proposal(s) meet the grant requirements and guidelines
  • In cases where IP staff are the project leads or co-investigators, additional services are provided including:
  1. Communicating with program officers to ensure WSU’s proposal is strongly aligned with agency priorities and grant/solicitation requirements
  2. Coordinate proposal development, meetings, and timelines
  3. Coordinate writing and development of the concept/full proposal
  4. Facilitate proposal submission, budget development, research compliance, and routing procedures with relevant WSU offices (e.g. OGRD, IRB, departments, etc.)

Interdisciplinary Discussion & Collaboration

  • Conduct meetings and workshops to advance WSU’s international research activities, promote interdisciplinary partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Organize dialogues on the opportunities and challenges of international research collaborations
  • Strategically formulate project teams and lead multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary grants
  • Analyze, actively garner and disseminate information on WSU partnerships
  • Establish international collaborations that also amplify WSU’s brand and outreach in other academic areas and interests

Faculty/Department Profiling & Impact Evaluation Support

    • Profile department/faculty’s international engagement (international awards, and proposals)
    • Analyze and share scientific output/productivity impact (publications, citations, and web presence) of individual faculty’s international alliance

Additional programs at WSU involved in international research include:

IP Contacts:

Asif Chaudhry

Vice President for International Programs

Erin-Kae Rice, CRA

Research Administrator

Office of International Programs

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