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Regents Professor Anjan Bose, in the School of Engineering and Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences has, over the past 35 years, contributed to major breakthroughs in power system controltechnology and consulted for many electric power companies and government agencies in the U.S., China,India and many other countries.

Wheat varieties bred by WSU professors top the list of those grown in the state of Washington, most of which is exported around the world.

Life-saving vaccines and strategic interventions to control animal and human health diseases are being developed through WSU’s global animal health and science programs.

Interdisciplinary collaborations link experts from across WSU’s departments, colleges and campuses with experts around the world. Through a USAID-funded project, “Smart Agri-Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture and Economic Development”, WSU is partnered with Indonesian institutions on biotechnological approaches to crop improvement and integrated pest management as well as technology commercialization.

WSU faculty are recognized for ground-breaking work in many fields. Lai-Sheng Wang, professor ofphysics and materials science and affiliate chief scientist at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, received Germany's Alexander von Humboldt Foundation award for his work in nanotechnology and support of aworldwide network of scholars working on nanotechnology.

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International awards

  • WSU’s international awards, 2002-2011. WSU’s international awards have grown from $5.6 million dollars in 2002 to $8.48 million dollars in 2011.  
  • Source: WSU’s Office of Grant Research and Development, 2012.

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International PUBLICATIONS

  • Publications with international collaborators. Based on ISI's Web of Knowledge , 27 percent of WSU's peer-reviwed publications in agriculture, chemistry, plant sciences, engineering and other science related disciplines are the result of international collaborations. WSU's joint publications with international scientists have increased 8-fold from 112 in 1992 to 805 in 2011. In the past two decades,WSU has published with scientists and researchers from over 80 countries.
  • Source: ISI-Web of Science,2012.

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