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With a long history of global engagement, Washington State University recognizes the imperative for education, research and services that benefit our students, staff, faculty, regional communities, our state and nation, and the world.

International Programs (IP) leads, champions and serves WSU’s mission through three cross-functional departments: Global Learning, Global Services, and International Research and Engagement. With a staff of over 85 including approximately 45 instructors of English as Second Language, IP is working to make a world of difference at WSU and beyond!

IP fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment for our international students, faculty and visiting scholars from over 100 countries who enrich the diversity of our campus and engage in interactive learning opportunities with our entire community.

Our goal is for every student to graduate with intentional and transformative multicultural and global competencies, whether acquired at home or abroad. With Washington’s economy dependent on trade and impacting more than 42% of jobs in the state, WSU is serving the region through its globally competent graduates, multi-disciplinary research collaborations, strategic international alliances and economic development initiatives.

WSU is expanding its academic and research footprint across the globe in health, clean technologies, agricultural sciences, and various other areas. Our outreach ranges from Ecuador to Afghanistan, and Kenya to Australia.

In partnership with colleagues in colleges and units across campus, IP is promoting more research,service learning, internship, and community projects that infuse experiential, intercultural learning and personally enriching experiences into our students’ portfolios. These partnerships have also contributed to WSU’s selection as one of eight institutions collaborating with the American Council on Education on its “At Home in the World Initiative: Educating for Global Connections and Local Commitments” to explore the intersections of internationalism, diversity and multiculturalism.

At IP’s International Center in the Compton Union Building (Pullman campus), students from different cultures and nationalities intermingle and share experiences with the university and local community through workshops, civic activities and other programs. With WSU’s office of Research and Graduate School, Honors College and resident Fulbright Ambassador, we have created a WSU Fulbright Academy to profile these prestigious award opportunities for faculty and students and our successful recipients.

There are many diverse opportunities and services that International Programs can assist you with; please contact and join us in going global!


Global Opportunities

"I have long held to the fundamental belief that if we are to change-and change in bold and significant ways-the delivery of higher education in this country, it will require that we develop new paradigms, new ways of thinking, new platforms of knowledge that will position us for the challenges and the opportunities of this global economy and marketplace."

Dr. Elson S. Floyd, President  Washington State University

Office of International Programs

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