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Internships are another way to gain valuable experience abroad and get academic credit! Internships abroad can range from 2 weeks to 1 year, and take place in the summer, semester or for a full year all over the world. Many study abroad providers now build internships into their programs, allowing students to gain work experience in their field while studying abroad. Full-time internships abroad can also be arranged through specific WSU departments or through accredited institutions.

Typically, internships abroad are non-paid, although a few organizations do offer paid internships. Advantages of academic internships abroad include credit towards your degree, potential availability of financial aid, and a wide variety of locations and subjects offered. In addition, the work experience you gain will set you apart from your peers who took the same classes, earned the same degree and have similar work experience in the US. Disadvantages may include cost and sometimes unpredictability of placement.

For questions regarding academic internships, please set up an appointment with a Global Learning advisor.

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