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Global Learning supports the WSU goal of offering the best undergraduate experience at a research university by facilitating the process of studying abroad.

Our aim is to eliminate the obstacles that hold a student back from participating in an education abroad program.

Learning About an Education Abroad Experience

Students considering an education abroad experience can take a one hour workshop offered 5 - 7 times a week in our Global Learning Resource Room. At Global Cougs 101 sessions students listen to and ask questions of our Peer Advisors about how to select an education abroad program that complements their academic goals.


It is important to set up a support team for each student as he or she begins to prepare for this life changing experience. Central to this team of academic advisors, faculty members, financial aid officer (when appropriate), and the Global Learning Advisor is the parent.

Your enthusiasm, support, and thorough attention to details will help smooth the way for a successful international experience. We look forward to working together with you to make this enriching academic opportunity possible.


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Research has shown that students who study abroad learn skills such as flexibility, resourcefulness, creativity, independence, self-organization, and social competence.

After returning from an Education Abroad experience, students are more committed to their studies and typically achieve higher grades than prior to their international experience.

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