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Need to Know

Preparing to return

It’s not always an easy process to leave your new home and return to the US. Below are some ideas and resources to help you prepare.

Transcripts & Academic Credit

BE PATIENT! It could take a few months before Global Learning receives your official transcript. Find out more about the process here: Curious what it will look like on your student report? Click here

SAP Denial Notices

Students receiving financial aid will likely receive a notification that they failed to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) for their semester abroad. What to do after you receive this notification is outlined here:

  • One term abroad: AFTER you receive a SAP Denial Notice, e-mail sapappeal@wsu.edu to alert them to the fact that you were on an education abroad program.

  • Two or more consecutive terms abroad: AFTER you receive a SAP Denial Notice, e-mail sapappeal@wsu.edu to alert them to the fact that you were on an education abroad program AND include a copy or image of an official or unofficial transcript. Email ip.globallearning@wsu.edu for more information.

  • Faculty-Led participants: If your WSU professor has not yet posted grades, you may need to contact the organizing department.


Help us share information with students by completing the short anonymous Returnee Survey!

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A Step Further

Returnee Packet

The Global Cougs Skills & Career Packet is designed to help students identify skills gained during a term abroad and how to include it on resumes and cover letters, as well as an exercise for how to answer the question “How was it?”

Capstone Course*

The Education Abroad Capstone class (UNIV 491.2) helps returnees to better understand and conceptualize their experience abroad, as well as recognize and build on skills gained abroad. 1-credit; fall and spring semesters. E-mail ip.globallearning@wsu.edu for more information or to enroll.

Go Abroad Again!

You can study, intern, research, or volunteer abroad for credit. Sign up for a Global Cougs 101 Information Session to refresh your memory on all the different options!

Many students decide to apply for graduate school abroad, teach English or even find a full time job abroad! E-mail ip.globallearning@wsu.edu for more specific information, or visit the Academic Success & Career Center

You might also consider a Fulbright grant. Your international experience can be used to prepare yourself to apply for this prestigious grant.

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Get Involved

Global Learning Peer Advisor*

Peer Advising is an opportunity to share your experiences with other students, as well as inspire and help them live their dreams of going abroad. Yes, you can apply while you’re still abroad! Click here

Global Learning Peer Ambassador

Students interested in representing their program, country and city where they studied will be listed on the Global Learning webpage and in the office as contacts for students who are considering studying abroad in the same locations.Click here

International Center Programs (Engage the World)*

The International Center in the CUB has plenty of events and programs for both domestic and international students. Engage the World presenters speak with students and teach them about foreign cultures, customs and ways of life in WSU classrooms and local K-12 schools.

Global Services Peer Mentor/Orientation Assistant*

Welcome new international students during international student orientation as an Orientation Assistant or assist new international students both during orientation week and throughout the semester as a Peer Mentor.

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Share & Connect

Global Learning Photo Contest

Submit your quality photos in our annual photo contest!

Provider Alumni

Providers all offer various types of Alumni services, ambassador programs & photo contests of their own. We’ve added the links below to make it easy!

Social Media

Follow, Like or otherwise connect with us to share your experience!


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*Program not available on every campus.

Office of International Programs

International Programs, PO Box 645121, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-5121, 509-335-2541, Contact Us