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International Programs

F-1 Students

Extending Status

If you cannot complete your program of study prior to the completion date listed on your current I-20, you must request a Program Extension from an Global Services Advisor prior to the expiration of the I-20.

If you fail to apply for a program extension prior to the completion date on I-20, you are considered to be out of status.

A program extension can be granted under two conditions:

  • that you are currently maintaining legal status; and
  • that the delays are caused by compelling academic or medical reasons. For example: changes of major or research topics, transfer credit problems, documented illnesses, etc. You must provide financial documentation for a program extension request if your financial situation has changed

Change of program at WSU

Your I-20 must accurately reflect the program of study that you currently pursue at WSU. You are responsible for updating your I-20 once your change of program becomes official in the WSU system.

Change of Major

If you change your major, (i.e. from Biology to History) you must obtain a new I-20. Submit an I-20 Request form to Global Services with supporting financial documentation to obtain the new I-20 for your new major. I-20 Request forms are available at Global Services.

Change of Level

If you complete one educational level and plan to continue to another at WSU (i.e. bachelor's to master's), you must obtain a new I-20 to reflect the change of educational level, which effectively notifies DHS that you are changing educational levels. You must obtain a new I-20 within the 60-day period following completion of the previous level.

Office of International Programs

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