IALC Instructors Present at Regional Conference

In October, 2015, instructors at the Washington State University Intensive American Language Center, part of International Programs, gave presentations at the Tri-TESOL Conference in Des Moines, Wash. The Tri-TESOL Conference purpose is the enhancement of the Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages program. It brings together instructors from Washington, Oregon and British Columbia.

WSU faculty members selected as presenters and/or co-presenters include Amie Dussurget-Quesnell, Mohamed El Hess, Wanda Hvezda, Karen Jennings, Debra Johnson, Janet Murai, Elena Smith and Adam Sweeney.

Amie Dussurget-Quesnell
Overcoming the Challenges of a Multi-Level Classroom – Effective methods to transcend the traditional boundaries of multi-level classes were discussed.

Debbie Johnson
The Role of Creativity in Promoting Language Skills – This workshop demonstrated how creativity can support the development of language skills.

Wanda Hvezda
Getting Students to Finally Use the Grammar They Learned – This session showed how to use an original, short, experiential activity in a grammar class to help students apply grammar they have learned to first-hand experience.

Karen Jennings and co-presenter Janet Murai
Cultural Conversations and Language Practice through Film – Ways to use film to provide cultural windows and lively opportunities for listening, speaking and pronunciation were presented.

Elena Smith
Art as a “Language” to Teach Academic Writing – Results from experiments with art forms in academic writing classes were shared and provided hands-on activities involving art forms for ESL/EFL classes.

Adam Sweeney
Group Dynamics: Can One Bad Apple Spoil the Whole School? – Research was presented on the “Bad Apple Phenomenon” in sociology showing how and why individuals’ negative behavior dramatically hurts group performance.