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International Programs


Rock Climbing Coffee Hour

Learn more about rock climbing and gain knowledge about the different types of climbing. Find out how climbing can improve your health and join the discussion of the subculture of climbing community. Find out about rock climbing opportunities offered by the UREC and the Pullman/ Moscow area.

Writing Workshop Series: Reference Management Software

Reference management software enables users to collect, organize, manage, and cite sources in a methodical and sustainable process. This workshop will focus on the free, open source Zotero reference management tool, but will briefly discuss alternatives such as EndNote and Mendeley.

Please bring your laptop to this event and register no later than December 7.

Industry Job Series: The Modern Job Search and Networking with Dr. Isaiah Hankel

Using online profiles to maximize the effectiveness of the job seeking/transition process.Hiring managers use LinkedIn to determine whether they will bring in a candidate for an interview, this topic will cover all the key elements of the LinkedIn profile and how each section should be used to strategically maximize its impact. In addition, we will show candidates how to use LinkedIn algorithms to support their job search, and sell themselves to perspective employers.

Please bring a laptop to this event and register no later than November 28.

Industry Job Series: Creating a Career Strategy

Creating a Career Strategy with Dr. Isaiah Hankel (The Cheeky Scientist) workshop will cover the entire transition workflow and how it should be approached. It will also cover the psychology of a person in transition and how to overcome imposter syndrome. Lastly, taking into consideration personality, lifestyle considerations and individual career goals will also help a job seeker transition into a role that is more fulfilling.

Please bring a laptop to this event and register no later than October 22.

Writing Workshop Series: Goal Setting

Goal setting is a necessary life skill for graduate and professional students. However, it isn’t always easy to start a project, break it into goals, then achieve those goals in a timely manner! The Writing Workshop Series: Goal Setting aims to teach students how to move from ideas to reality by crafting better goals, then achieving those goals. Participants will learn how to break an idea into smaller pieces, create a timeline, and then stick with the goals until they are finished! During this session, Owen Williams and Elizabeth Bernhardt from the Graduate and Professional Writing Consultation (GPWC) and Lorena O’English from WSU Libraries will share strategies and ideas on moving from planning to achievements, in addition to facilitating discussion and hands-on practice. .

The writing workshop series is a year-long initiative! Watch for more sessions in this semester and spring semester!

Please bring a laptop and sign up no later than Oct. 13.

How to Manage Effective Groups

Have you been part of a group that just didn’t work? In this hands on workshop, you will learn to effectively build, manage, and facilitate groups of students in your classroom. Interact with them and provide feedback to them on what works and what can be improved. Goals of this workshop are to make you more comfortable working in a group and more comfortable using groups in your classroom. Student outcomes include better teamwork skills and the ability to manage up and down.

Please register no later than October 3.