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Future International Students

Remote Study

You can succeed by studying from where you are.

“I want to remind folks we are not going back to lectures done 10 years ago on a video tape and putting them up there,” Schulz said. ‘It is our world-class faculty at all of our campuses that are doing live classes with updated materials and interacting with students on a very regular basis.”

-WSU President Kirk Schulz

WSU is committed to giving you a robust educational experience during this distanced fall semester, online and by distance learning. What’s the difference?

At WSU, online courses are offered through the Global Campus. Online courses use resources and teaching methods that can be accessed at any time. Still, online courses are designed to ensure that the instructor is engaging and enhancing learning that will promote the student’s success.

In distance education, the instructor is not in the same physical place as the students but can engage with them through live lectures and discussions. Any of WSU’s physical campuses may offer distance courses in various formats.


For more help, take advantage of these resources:

Student Guide: Preparing to Complete Courses Remotely

  • Spend some time with the tech experts and get answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Learn about the tools you’ll use to participate in your distance/remote/virtual courses.
  • Get tips and additional resources for a successful virtual learning experience.

Global Campus Sample Courses

  • Log in and learn how you’ll access your courses with these demonstrations.
    • Blackboard
    • Canvas
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