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Future International Students

Undergraduate Bridge

Start your undergraduate program with personalized student services and English support!
Earn a 2.5 or higher GPA while in your Bridge program and move right into full university study.

Designed for You

At WSU, you can expect:

  • Opportunities to learn from highly-qualified, top faculty/professors at WSU
  • Virtual instruction through a combination of live and self-guided study lectures
    • Live – You will log into the virtual classroom on specific days/times to listen to lectures from teachers and participate in group assignments and activities.
    • Self-guided – You will participate in discussions, complete assignments and read texts on their own, but by specific dates or deadlines. This is self/paced learning with support from teachers,
  • Live office hours and conferencing with teachers – scheduled at convenient hours
  • Live virtual support from your academic advisor and Student Experience Team
  • Live virtual support from the Learning Support Center
  • Opportunities to practice language with other students and teachers

All Undergraduate Bridge courses carry credits, including English support and UCORE (general education) courses.

Admissions Criteria

WSU offers a 1- or 2-term undergraduate Bridge that you can start and continue through fall, spring and summer terms. With the exception of Math 100, all courses in the Bridge program count toward your degree!

Undergraduate Bridge Placement Table

Program:Direct Entry1 semester Bridge2 semester /
(1-year Bridge)
1 semester2 semesters3 semesters
TOEFL iBT797060 50-5932-49≤31
Password-Level 6Level 5Level 4Level 3Level 2

Study Plans

Here are some sample study plans and degrees you may be interested in.

Agricultural Sciences



Computer Science


Fine Arts




Social Sciences/Humanities