Global Cougs Speaker Series

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The Global Cougs Speaker Series gives individuals a platform to share thought-provoking stories, experiences, and projects that are global in nature. Attend and participate in a Speaker Series Talk to draw connections to apply it to 1 or more of the 6 Digital Badges.

Previous Speakers

Alice Johnson
From Alaska, to Washington, to the World!
Steve Fredlund
What Rwanda taught me about responding to poverty
Anthony Reed
Lessons from Marathon Adventures on Seven Continents
Yoram Solomon
What Is Trust, and How Do We Restore It
Darlington Akogo
Application of Artificial Intelligence in African Health Care and Agriculture
Lauren Reed
Translating Experiences into a Meaningful Work History
Dr. Kira Vinke
Insights into Global Climate Research
Dr. Heather Beem Headshot
Dr. Heather Beem
STEM Education in Africa and the World
Dr. Kelly Newlon
Cassowaries, Penguins and Elephants, Oh My!
Dr. Jerman Rose Headshot
Dr. Jerman Rose
Social Entrepreneurship
Nam Nguyen Headshot
Nam Nguyen
Reimagining Study Abroad
Dr. Mark Beattie
Dr. Mark Beattie
Lessons Learned from Teaching around the World
Nitivia Jones
Nitivia Jones
Experiences from Peace Corps Georgia: ’06-’08
Patrick Robichaud
Patrick Robichaud
Study Abroad in Wales