List of Agreements

The Office of International Programs (IP) facilitates and coordinates international MOUs and IAs for the university.

IP should be consulted in advance of any international MOU or IA being drafted, agreed upon, or signed.


IAInternational Agreement. A legally binding contract that commits WSU and the partner organization to provide specific services or activities. An MOU is generally executed before the process of negotiation and due diligence on developing an IA.
ABRDUndergraduate Education Abroad. This agreement identifies the program details involved in a student education abroad experience. It addresses issues such as the selection process, number of students, housing, fees, time period of the program, and program contacts. Education abroad agreements can incorporate third-party providers, exchanges that do not require WSU/partner equivalency figures, or affiliation partnerships.
FacLedFaculty Led Agreement.
IPAInternational Partnership Agreement. This form is for faculty-led or group study abroad programs. The information will detail a specific undergraduate education abroad program led by WSU faculty or authorized personnel. It will describe the housing arrangements, fees, time period, course requirements (for credit-bearing programs), contacts, and other information.
DualDual Degree Research Agreement. In this agreement, WSU and the partner institution outline the requirements to confer separate Ph.D. diplomas to a student on fulfillment of all the requirements toward the Ph.D. degree at each institution.
This agreement allows both institutions to develop and strengthen research collaborations through a shared Ph.D. candidate who may conduct part of the doctoral requirements at WSU and at the partner institution.
The student will receive 2 separate diplomas by transferring pre-approved credits from the partner institution to WSU and from WSU to the partner institution, as appropriate. Note: The dual degree is not to be confused with a joint Ph.D. degree in which both institutions are jointly named on a single diploma.
RSEPReciprocal Student Exchange Program. This agreement specifies the number of WSU undergraduate students who will go on exchange to the international institution and the international institution will send an equal number of students to WSU. It is important that the numbers of students to and from WSU remain equal.
TRN-INTRNInternational Internship Agreement. This is an agreement between a WSU unit, department, or college to host an international student, faculty scholar, or researcher as an intern or visiting scientist for a defined period of time in a non-degree-seeking status. This activity may involve a commitment of university resources, funds, and/or personnel time. The agreement should include a scope of work and budget as appropriate. The agreement also can be modified for use by WSU faculty, staff, or students wishing to intern with a partner institution.
ESLEnglish as a Second Language. Through the Academic English program at WSU’s Intensive American Language Center and other collaborative arrangements, WSU partners with external agencies to facilitate English education classes. These types of agreements will address schedules, terms and conditions to provide the necessary classes, and program of study that may include English classes as well as WSU academic courses, time period, and other program content and fees.
MOUMemorandum of Understanding. A general, nonbinding statement of intent to cooperate and explore collaborative activities between WSU and a partner university, institution, or organization.
The MOU provides a simple format to enter into a general agreement and serves as the foundation for more detailed agreements on specific activities.

For more information about these agreements, please contact Global Partnerships and Research Services.