List of Agreements

The Office of International Programs (IP) facilitates and coordinates international MOUs and IAs for the university.

IP should be consulted in advance of any international MOU or IA being drafted, agreed upon, or signed.


IAInternational Agreement. A legally binding contract that commits WSU and the partner organization to provide specific services or activities. An MOU is generally executed before the process of negotiation and due diligence on developing an IA.
ABRDUndergraduate Education Abroad. This agreement identifies the program details involved in a student education abroad experience. It addresses issues such as the selection process, number of students, housing, fees, time period of the program, and program contacts. Education abroad agreements can incorporate third-party providers, exchanges that do not require WSU/partner equivalency figures, or affiliation partnerships.
IPAInternational Partnership Agreement. This form is for faculty-led or group study abroad programs. The information will detail a specific undergraduate education abroad program led by WSU faculty or authorized personnel. It will describe the housing arrangements, fees, time period, course requirements (for credit-bearing programs), contacts, and other information.
DualDual Degree Research Agreement. In this agreement, WSU and the partner institution outline the requirements to confer separate Ph.D. diplomas to a student on fulfillment of all the requirements toward the Ph.D. degree at each institution.
This agreement allows both institutions to develop and strengthen research collaborations through a shared Ph.D. candidate who may conduct part of the doctoral requirements at WSU and at the partner institution.
The student will receive 2 separate diplomas by transferring pre-approved credits from the partner institution to WSU and from WSU to the partner institution, as appropriate. Note: The dual degree is not to be confused with a joint Ph.D. degree in which both institutions are jointly named on a single diploma.
RSEPReciprocal Student Exchange Program. This agreement specifies the number of WSU undergraduate students who will go on exchange to the international institution and the international institution will send an equal number of students to WSU. It is important that the numbers of students to and from WSU remain equal.
TRN-INTRNInternational Internship Agreement. This is an agreement between a WSU unit, department, or college to host an international student, faculty scholar, or researcher as an intern or visiting scientist for a defined period of time in a non-degree-seeking status. This activity may involve a commitment of university resources, funds, and/or personnel time. The agreement should include a scope of work and budget as appropriate. The agreement also can be modified for use by WSU faculty, staff, or students wishing to intern with a partner institution.
ESLEnglish as a Second Language. Through the Academic English program at WSU’s Intensive American Language Center and other collaborative arrangements, WSU partners with external agencies to facilitate English education classes. These types of agreements will address schedules, terms and conditions to provide the necessary classes, and program of study that may include English classes as well as WSU academic courses, time period, and other program content and fees.
MOUMemorandum of Understanding. A general, nonbinding statement of intent to cooperate and explore collaborative activities between WSU and a partner university, institution, or organization.
The MOU provides a simple format to enter into a general agreement and serves as the foundation for more detailed agreements on specific activities.

Current agreements

Applied Phys ElectOpen Ended
Crops Future Res Ctr7/22/2019
Idp Ed LtdRCRTOpen Ended
Univ CalabriaMOU4/6/2020
AustraliaLaTrobe UniversityRSEPOpen Ended
AustraliaNovel Food Proc TechMOUOpen Ended
Australia Univ New England RSEPOpen Ended
AustriaFh Joanneum Univ of Apl SciMOUS3/29/2020
BangladeshAhsaa Univ- Sci & TechMOUOpen Ended
BangladeshBangabandhu Sheikh Mr Ag UnivMOUOpen Ended
Bangladesh Chittagong Vet & Anm Sci UnivMOU8/3/2019
BelgiumKatholieke Univ VIDUAL1/21/2019
BelgiumKatholieke Univ VIDUAL Open Ended
BrazilBrazillian Fed Agcy Min EdMOU4/8/2017
BrazilEncompass BrazilFacLed Open Ended
BrazilSt Univ North Fluminense DRMOUSOpen Ended
BrazilUniv Fed De ItajubaMOU10/18/2017
BrazilUniv Federal De ViçosaDual12/14/2019
Brazil Univ Federal De ViçosaDualOpen Ended
BrazilUniv Federal De ViçosaMOU6/14/2019
BrazilUniv Sao Paulo PirassMOU4/10/2018
CanadaVanwest Coll LtdRCRT1/11/2020
CanadaVanwest Coll LtdRCRTOpen Ended
ChileInst Naci De Inv AgropecuMOU11/5/2018
ChileUniv Del BiobioMOU7/25/2015
ChileUniv Tecn Fed Santa MariaMOU1/29/2019
ChinaChengdu Univ Sci TechIPAOpen Ended
ChinaChina Ag UnivMOUOpen Ended
ChinaChina Ag UnivResearch11/22/2015
ChinaHarbin Inst Of TechDUALOpen Ended
ChinaHarbin Inst Of TechMOU1/30/2017
ChinaInst Nuclear Phy and ChemMOU6/12/2016
ChinaNanjing Ad UnivMOU10/30/2018
ChinaNanyang Tech UnivMOU7/27/2016
China Northeast Forestry UnivDUALOpen Ended
ChinaNortheast Forestry UnivMOU6/5/2017
China Nw A&F UnivMOU6/1/2019
ChinaShandong Univ Fin EconMOUOpen Ended
ChinaShanghai Ocean UnivIPAOpen Ended
ChinaShanghai Ocean UnivMOUS5/13/2019
ChinaShanghai Ocean UnivRCRTOpen Ended
China Shanhai Jiaotong UnivMOU6/10/2020
ChinaShantou UnivMOU6/10/2020
ChinaShenzhen UnivMOU2/22/2019
ChinaShenzhen UnivRCRTOpen Ended
ChinaSoutheast Univ in NanjingDUALOpen Ended
ChinaSoutheast Univ in NanjingMOU3/5/2017
ChinaSoutheast Univ in NanjingRSEP3/5/2017
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconFacLed12/31/2015
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconRCRTOpen Ended
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconRCRTOpen Ended
ChinaThe China Scholar CnclMOU3/8/2016
ChinaTsinghua UnivTRN_INTRN3/6/2016
ChinaUniv Sci Tech ChinaMOU9/24/2017
Colombia Tecnologica De Bolivar UnivMOU3/20/2019
ColombiaUniv Nacional De Colombia MOU11/23/2019
Costa RicaCea Global EdFacLed10/31/2019
Costa RicaCea Global EdFacLed12/31/2020
Costa RicaCea Global EdFacLed12/31/2020
Costa RicaCea Global EdFacLed10/31/2019
Costa RicaUniv De Costa RicaRSEPOpen Ended
CroatiaUniv RijekaMOU12/5/2017
Cuba Cong Organic Ag HavanaMOU Open Ended
CubaHolbrook TravelFacLedOpen Ended
CubaUniv HavanaMOU Open Ended
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgFacLed12/31/2015
DenmarkDenmark Intl Stud KomiteABRDOpen Ended
DenmarkHandelshojskolen I KobenhavenRSEPOpen Ended
DenmarkTech Univ Of DenmarkRSEPOpen Ended
DenmarkUniv CopenhagenRSEP Open Ended
EcuadorNatl Sec High Ed StieResearch5/13/2017
EcuadorUniv De Las FuerzasTrn_InternOpen Ended
Ethiopia Arba Minch UnivMOU7/14/2019
EthiopiaHawassa UnivMOU7/1/2019
FranceEcole D'Ingenieurs De PurpanRSEP11/24/2019
FranceIau CollFacLed12/31/2015
FranceIau CollFacLedOpen Ended
FranceLa Maison FrancaiseIPAOpen Ended
FranceUniv Franche-ComtéDUAL5/12/2017
Germany Academic Programs IntlFacLedOpen Ended
GermanyBaden-W Coop St UnivMOUOpen Ended
GermanyBern Univ Of Apl SciMOU1/14/2019
Germany Hochschule Geisenheim UnibMOU2/24/2019
GermanyJacobs Univ BremenRSEP11/30/2019
GermanyUniv BonnRSEP4/9/2019
Germany Univ Coop Ed Baden-WurttembergMOU3/29/2020
GermanyUniv Of Duisburg-EssenIPA5/23/2019
GermanyUniv Of Duisburg-EssenMOU3/5/2017
Hong KongCity of Univ Hong KongMOU9/10/2017
Hong Kong City of Univ Hong KongRSEP1/2/2018
HungaryPec UnivMOU11/12/2019
IndiaIndian Inst Of Tech MadrasMOUOpen Ended
IndiaInst Of Chem TechMOU3/7/2018
IndiaPub Health Res Inst Of IndiaMOU5/11/2020
IndiaPunjab Ag UnivTRN_INTRN3/20/2016
India Rajarshi Sch Of Mgmt TechMOU8/7/2018
IndiaTamil Nadu Vet & Animal Sci UnivMOUOpen Ended
IndiaUniv Ag SciencesMOU7/7/2018
IndonesiaAceh Inst Hr Dev CommMOU11/8/2016
IndonesiaBogor Ag UnivMOU2/12/2017
IndonesiaPeninsula CollTransfer5/2/2018
IndonesiaPutera Samp Fdn Univ ProjMOU3/27/2017
IrelandCork Inst Of TechMOU4/3/2018
IrelandCork Inst Of TechRSEP4/9/2017
ItalyHotel CaravaggioFacLedOpen Ended
ItalyHotel ItaliaFacLedOpen Ended
ItalyPlatform For Agrobiodviersity ResMOU10/4/2019
ItalyUniv Cattolica Del Sacro CMOUOpen Ended
ItalyUniv Cattolica Del Sacro CRSEPOpen Ended
JapanAm Cultural Exch JapanESLOpen Ended
JapanAm Cultural Exch JapanESL12/31/2015
JapanDote Solutions IncESLOpen Ended
JapanDote Solutions IncESL6/30/2016
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL12/31/2015
JapanIntl Christian UnivRSEPOpen Ended
JapanIwate UnivOTR6/1/2018
JapanJapan Coll Foreign LangMOU Open Ended
JapanJapan Study Abroad FDnRCRT 5/2/2018
JapanKansai Gadai Univ ESLOpen Ended
JapanKansai Gadai UnivRCRT5/22/2018
JapanKansai Gadai UnivRSEPOpen Ended
JapanKyoto UnivMOU11/4/2015
JapanKyoto UnivResearch1/4/2016
JapanMurogawa Womens UnivMOU10/23/2016
JapanNihon UnivESL8/26/2019
JapanNihon UnivESLOpen Ended
JapanNihon UnivMOUOpen Ended
Japan Nihon UnivMOU3/25/2023
JapanNihon UnivRSEP3/25/2023
JapanRyukyu Am Hist Res SocMOU3/8/2017
Jordan Univ JordanMOUOpen Ended
Jordan Univ JordanResearchOpen Ended
KazakhstanAbay Kaz Natl Ped UnivMOU9/16/2017
KazakhstanKazakh Natl UnivMOU1/22/2019
Kenya Intl Ctr Insect Phy EcMOU5/19/2016
Kenya Kenyatta Univ MOU 5/19/2016
Korea Republic ofCatholic Univ DaeguMOU3/21/2018
Korea Republic ofChang-Ang UnivMOU11/6/2017
Korea Republic ofDokdo MuseumMOU11/7/2019
Korea Republic ofDongguk UnivRCRTOpen Ended
Korea Republic ofKorea UnivFacLed8/10/2018
Korea Republic of Korea UnivMOU8/23/2018
Korea Republic of Korean Anm Plnt Hlth QuarMOU9/11/2017
Korea Republic of Korus Ed InstIPA10/1/2018
Korea Republic ofKorus Ed InstMOU9/10/2017
Korea Republic ofKorus Ed InstUGART4/3/2018
Korea Republic of Korus Ed Inst UGART4/10/2018
Korea Republic ofKyung Hee UnivMOUOpen Ended
Korea Republic ofKyungpook Natl UnivDUAL2/28/2016
Korea Republic ofKyungsung UnivMOU6/21/2016
Korea Republic ofPukyong Natl UnivMOU11/5/2017
Korea Republic of Seoul Nat UnivMOU3/14/2016
Korea Republic of Seoul Nat UnivMOUOpen Ended
KuwaitKuwait Min Higher EdRCRTOpen Ended
KyrgyzstanKyrgyz State Natl UnivMOUOpen Ended
LebanonLebanese UnivMOU2/27/2017
Malaysia Inst Tech Petronas Sdn BhdMOU10/12/2015
MalaysiaUniv Utara MalaysiaFacLedOpen Ended
MexicoAuto Univ San Luis PotoseMOUOpen Ended
MexicoCentro De Ensenanza Tecn Y SupMOU6/5/2018
MexicoNatl Auton Univ MexicoMOU12/9/2019
MexicoUniv GuadalajaraRSEPOpen Ended
Morocco Esca Sch Of Mgmt MOU7/11/2018
NetherlandsAg Univ WageningenRSEPOpen Ended
NetherlandsUniv TwenteMOU1/13/2019
New ZealandLincoln UnivRSEPOpen Ended
New ZealandLincoln UnivRSEPOpen Ended
NigerAgrhymet Reg CtrMOU11/24/2019
Norway Buskerud CollRCRTOpen Ended
NorwayHandelsakademietRSEP/IPAOpen Ended
PakistanComsats Inst Info Tech MOU1/24/2017
PakistanUniv AgTRN_INTRN8/15/2019
PeruCatholic Univ Santo Toribio De MogMOUOpen Ended
PeruReg Govt Of PiuraMOU2/28/2016
QatarLeawaina Camel HospMOU1/6/2018
Russian FederationFar Eastern St UnivMOUOpen Ended
Russian FederationFar Eastern St UnivMOUOpen Ended
Russian FederationSamara St Aerospace UnivMOU3/31/2020
Saudi ArabiaAl Yamamah UnivMOU5/30/2016
Saudi ArabiaBatterjee Med CollMOU1/8/2019
Spainle UnivRSEPOpen Ended
SpainUniv De Lleida MOUOpen Ended
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed12/31/2015
SwitzerlandCesar Ritz CollABRD8/19/2019
SwitzerlandCesar Ritz CollFacLed2/12/2019
SwitzerlandCesar Ritz CollFacLed2/12/2019
SwitzerlandCesar Ritz CollMOU12/15/2016
SwitzerlandEcole Hotel De LausanneDUAL4/1/2018
SwitzerlandEcole Hotel De LausanneMOU3/25/2017
SwitzerlandHotelconsult Shcc CollRSEPOpen Ended
SwitzerlandUniv St. GallenRSEP3/31/2020
SwitzerlandZurich Univ Of Apl SciMOU1/11/2019
Taiwan Province of ChinaFeng Chia UnivMOUOpen Ended
Taiwan Province of ChinaSoochow UnivMOU5/4/2019
Taiwan Province of ChinaSoochow UnivRCRTOpen Ended
Tanzania United Republic ofN Mandela African Inst Of Sci & techMOU3/13/2018
ThailandChiang Mai UnivMOU7/8/2019
ThailandThammasat UnivMOUOpen Ended
ThailandUniv Thai Cham CommMOU11/19/2017
TurkeyAkdeniz UnivMOU12/31/2018
TurkeyAkdeniz UnivOTR8/7/2020
Turkey Ankara UnivMOU4/3/2018
TurkeyCelal Bayar UnivMOUOpen Ended
TurkeyCelal Bayar UnivOTR1/1/2020
TurkeyKahramanmaras S I UnivMOU8/23/2018
United Arab EmiratesAbu Dhabi UnivMOUOpen Ended
United Arab EmiratesHigher Coll Of Tech MOU4/25/2019
United Arab EmiratesHigher Coll Of TechRCRT7/23/2022
United Arab Emirates United Arab Emirates Cul DivRCRTOpen Ended
United KingdomGlobal Univ Sys/InteractiveMOU3/26/2019
United KingdomUniv Coll Wales AberystwythRSEPOpen Ended
United KingdomUniv Coll Wales RSEP Open Ended
United Kingdom Univ LiverpoolRSEPOpen Ended
United KingdomUniv Of Wales SwanseaRSEP5/8/2019
United KingdomUniv of Wales SwanseaRSEPOpen Ended
United KingdomUniv StirlingRSEPOpen Ended
United StatesAcademic Programs IntlAFFLOpen Ended
United StatesAm Cncl Intl EdIPAOpen Ended
United States Am Inst Foreign StudyAFFLOpen Ended
United StatesCapa Intl EdAFFL10/17/2017
United StatesCapa Intl EdFacLed12/10/2019
United StatesCapa Intl EdIPA3/19/2019
United StatesCea Global EdAFFL3/21/2018
United StatesCea Global EdFacLedOpen Ended
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/31/2019
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/31/2019
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/31/2019
United StatesChina SenseFacLed12/31/2015
United StatesChina SenseFacLed12/31/2015
United StatesCncl Intl Exch SchlrAFFLOpen Ended
United StatesCncl Intl Exch SchlrAFFL Open Ended
United StatesCultural Exp Aborad IncAFFLOpen Ended
United StatesEd Prog Of Global Links Learn AbdAFFL Open Ended
United StatesEmbassy Sultanate OmanRCRT6/30/2016
United StatesEvergreen St CollIAOpen Ended
United StatesGate ConsultRCRT4/21/2017
United StatesHearts in MotionFacLed9/10/2019
United StatesInst Intl Ed StudentsFacLedOpen Ended
United StatesInst Intl Ed StudentsFacLedOpen Ended
United StatesIntl Prt Svc LearnAFFL1/14/2023
United StatesIntl Res Exchange BdMOUOpen Ended
United States Intl Student Exc ProgRSEPOpen Ended
United StatesIntl Studies Abroad IncAFFL9/23/2019
United StatesIntl Studies Abroad IncAFFL6/23/2019
United StatesJ&H Intl LlcRCRT9/9/2018
United StatesKaplan Test Prep IntlRCRTOpen Ended
United StatesKnowledge Exch InstAFFL4/2/2018
United StatesStudy Abroad ItalyAFFlOpen Ended
United StateUniv WaMOU RCRT3/31/2018
United StatesYost-Grube-Hall PcMOUOpen Ended
VenezuelaInst Venezuelano De Inv CMOU2/20/2016
Venezuela Univ Simon BolivarMOUOpen Ended
Viet NamLien Chau Co LtdRCRTOpen Ended
Viet Nam Pace Inst LmMOU11/25/2017
Viet NamVietnamese Ed FdnOpen Ended

Previous agreements

CountryAgencyTypeExpiration Date
AfghanistanMin Foreign AffairsMOU6/8/2013
AfghanistanKabul Med UnivMOU6/8/2013
AfghanistanKabul Poly UnivMOU6/8/2012
AfghanistanKabul UnivMOU6/8/2012
AfghanistanMin Higher EdMOU6/8/2013
AfghanistanShaikh Zayed UnivMOU6/8/2013
AlbaniaUniv VloraMOU5/7/2014
AustraliaLa Trobe UnivRSEP10/19/2012
AustraliaCapa Intl EdFacLed7/12/2014
AustraliaUniv QueenslandMOU6/13/2012
AustriaIntl Inst Tour MgmtIPA4/30/1994
BangladeshBangladesh Univ Eng TechMOU9/9/2012
BotswanaUniv BotswanaMOU6/17/2012
BrazilAustral Ed Grp LlcFacLed6/8/2013
BrazilEncompass BrasilFacLed5/20/2013
CambodiaThe Econ Sci InstMOU6/7/2005
CanadaAuthentic Cuba TravelFacLed6/23/2012
CanadaQiu En Beth Edu-Sc GpESL11/18/2008
CanadaQiu En Beth Edu-Sc GpRCRT11/18/2008
CanadaAlexander CollMOU6/21/2012
CanadaCanadian Intl Cult Ed FdnMOU3/12/2001
CanadaCanadian Intl Cult Ed FdnMOU6/28/2001
CanadaUniv Manitoba4/26/2001
CanadaUniv BcMOU8/18/1997
Central African RepublicUniv BanguiMOU10/20/2012
ChileUniv De ConcepcionIPA8/12/1997
ChileUniv ChileRSEP7/31/2004
ChileUniv ChileIPA5/26/2003
ChileUniv De ConcepcionIPA3/31/2006
ChileUniv De ConcepcionMOU8/12/1997
ChileUniv ChileMOU1/8/2003
ChileInst Nacl De Inv AgropecuMOU12/5/2004
ChileUniv Austral De ChileMOU5/15/2005
ChileUniv Del BiobioMOU7/3/2004
ChinaSouth China Univ Of TechResearch7/27/2012
ChinaE China Univ Sci TchResearch12/7/2012
ChinaBeijing Jjl Oecs CoESL/RCRT11/30/2012
ChinaBeijing Huaheng Ed Clt Ex CtrRCRT1/9/2014
ChinaXianda CollRCRT6/30/2014
ChinaDalian Wisdom Tech TrdRCRT2/22/2014
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconFacLed5/11/2013
ChinaChina Ag UnivFacLed5/20/2011
ChinaPeking UnivIPA8/15/2007
ChinaSichuan Ag CollIPA9/24/1987
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconFacLed5/7/2010
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconIPA8/24/2013
ChinaShenzhen Sr High SchoolIPA6/30/2002
ChinaXianda CollESL7/22/2008
ChinaNantong UnivFacLed6/16/2007
ChinaHong Kong Baptist UnivRCRT6/30/2006
ChinaYunnan UnivFacLed7/29/2007
ChinaNatl Chiao Tung UnivMOU12/9/2003
ChinaNatl Pingtung Poly TechMOU6/1/1995
ChinaSw Univ Finance EconFacLed4/28/2014
ChinaNantong UnivMOU8/15/2011
ChinaYunnan Ag UnivMOU11/5/2012
ChinaYunnan Normal UnivMOU9/19/2012
ChinaYunnan UnivMOU6/26/2012
ChinaChin Acad SciMOU9/10/2012
ChinaChina Ag UnivMOU9/9/2012
ChinaShanghai Intl Stud UnivMOU1/30/2012
ChinaNw A&F UnivMOU2/26/2014
ChinaOcean Univ ChinaMOU7/9/2014
ChinaNat Chung Hsing UnivMOU12/12/2004
ChinaPeking UnivMOU9/12/2006
ChinaChina Natl Acad Of Fine ArtsMOU6/15/2005
ChinaNorthwest UnivMOU10/15/2007
ChinaShanhai Jiaotong UnivMOU10/16/2007
ColombiaDaniel SkillingsRCRT6/30/2002
ColombiaFund Comun El CaminoMOU6/2/2004
ColombiaUniv Auto De OccidenteMOU4/6/2009
Costa RicaInter-Am Inst For Coop On AgIPA3/28/2010
Costa RicaUniv De Costa RicaIPA1/19/1997
Costa RicaUniv De Costa RicaIPA1/21/2008
Costa RicaUniv De Costa RicaMOU10/28/2013
CubaHolbrook TravelFacLed7/3/2014
CubaUniv HavanaMOU12/20/2011
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgABRD10/16/2011
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgABRD3/12/2012
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgFacLed2/10/2014
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgFacLed5/24/2014
Czech RepublicIntl Study ProgFacLed5/21/2015
DenmarkRoyal Vet & Ag UnivRSEP6/30/2008
DenmarkCopenhagen Bus SchRSEP6/30/2009
DenmarkTech Univ Of DenmarkRSEP6/30/2009
DenmarkRoyal Vet & Ag UnivMOU9/16/2006
EcuadorNacl Zapara Del EcuadorMOU3/24/2005
EgyptMinufiya Univmou1/19/2014
FranceNatl Grad Sch Chem MpTRN_INTRN9/28/2012
FranceInst Etudes Pol BordeauxRSEP6/30/2012
FranceIau CollFacLed6/29/2013
FranceInst Etudes Pol LilleRSEP6/30/2008
FranceHead Of E.N.S. De Physique De GrenTrn_Intrn9/15/1998
FranceEcole Sup De Comm De ChamIPA5/13/1996
FranceFacl Libre Des Sci HumainesRSEP4/12/2001
FranceIau CollFacLed8/6/2014
FranceIau CollFacLed11/11/2014
FranceInst Etudes Pol LilleMOU1/15/2013
FranceInst Etudes Pol LilleMOU2/28/2007
FranceThe Inst Of Pol StudiesMOU3/14/2007
GermanyJacobs Univ BremenRSEP6/30/2008
GermanyBeuth Hoch Technik Berlin–Univ AsTRN_INTRN9/9/2012
GermanyUniv Of Duisburg-EssenIPA2/27/2014
GermanyUniv ErfurtMOU3/3/2013
GreeceTravel QuestFacLed7/12/2012
GreeceTravel QuestFacLed7/9/2013
GreeceTravel QuestFacLed7/18/2014
GreeceTravel QuestFacLed7/18/2014
GreeceKyriakakis TravelFacLed6/30/2015
GreeceRaftopoulos TravelFacLed6/30/2015
GrenadaSt Georges UnivIPA1/18/2001
HungaryBudapest Univ Econ SciMOU4/9/2005
IndiaPunjab Ag UnivMOU7/6/2015
ItalyCapa Intl EdABRD6/1/2013
ItalyPolitecnico Di BariResearch4/24/2012
ItalyUniv BolognaRSEP6/30/2014
ItalyE Mach FdnResearch5/30/2015
ItalyApicius The Intl Sch HospFacLed6/23/2012
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed6/22/2013
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed8/2/2008
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed7/28/2007
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed6/29/2009
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtTrn_Intrn5/16/2008
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtTrn_Intrn5/16/2009
ItalyUniv BolognaRSEP6/30/2008
ItalyPolitecnico Di BariResearch1/3/2006
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed6/28/2014
ItalyCapa Intl EdFacLed4/30/2015
ItalyFlorence Univ Of ArtFacLed6/28/2015
ItalyBioversity IntlMOU1/7/2013
ItalyUniv BolognaMOU2/19/2005
JapanNihon UnivESL8/15/2012
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL8/6/2012
JapanNihon UnivRSEP12/31/2012
JapanKansai Gadai UnivESL3/13/2010
JapanKansai Gadai UnivESL3/10/2012
JapanRyuku Am Hist Res SocESL3/13/2012
JapanKansai Gadai UnivESL3/9/2013
JapanAm Cultural Exch JapanESL3/30/2013
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL8/10/2013
JapanAm Cultural Exch JapanESL7/1/2014
JapanIntl Christian UnivTrn_Intrn8/18/2004
JapanIntl Christian UnivRSEP6/30/2008
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL8/13/2005
JapanIntl Christian UnivTrn_Intrn8/14/2005
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL8/14/2004
JapanNihon UnivRSEP11/26/1993
JapanNihon UnivRSEP8/30/1977
JapanNihon UnivMOU3/25/2008
JapanKawaijuku Dept Intl EdRCRT6/30/2001
JapanNihon UnivRSEP1/1/2002
JapanOsaka Coll Forgn Lang Intl BusRCRT6/30/2002
JapanForza BambiniMOU5/14/1999
JapanKansai Gadai UnivESL8/15/1994
JapanIntl Christian UnivESL8/9/2014
JapanRyuku Am Hist Res SocESL7/28/2014
JapanKansai Gadai UnivESL3/1/2015
JapanDote Solutions IncESL7/28/2014
JapanDote Solutions IncESL6/30/2015
JapanIntl Christian UnivMOU2/4/2011
JapanNihon UnivMOU3/25/2013
JapanSt Thomas UnivMOU6/30/2015
JapanUniv TokyoMOU10/30/2007
JapanNatl Ag Res Ctr Hokkaido RegMOU11/6/2006
JapanSapientia UnivMOU1/5/2009
JapanKobe UnivMOU12/31/2002
JordanUniv JordanResearch1/28/2001
JordanJordan Univ Sci TechMOU1/23/2006
JordanMu’Tah UnivMOU4/26/1998
KenyaKenya Ag Res InstMOU1/12/1997
KenyaUniv NairobiMOU12/6/2012
Korea Republic ofChungbuk Natl UnivRCRT6/30/2011
Korea Republic ofDaegu UnivESL2/14/2004
Korea Republic ofDaegu UnivESL7/24/2004
Korea Republic ofDaegu UnivESL2/15/2003
Korea Republic ofHongik UnivRCRT/ESL5/31/2007
Korea Republic ofKamcRCRT4/1/2008
Korea Republic ofSeoul Nat UnivRCRT/ESL6/30/2007
Korea Republic ofKamcRCRT6/30/2007
Korea Republic ofKorea UnivFacLed6/28/2014
Korea Republic ofAcad Practical Bus AdminMOU8/26/2012
Korea Republic ofChungbuk Natl UnivMOU6/30/2011
Korea Republic ofDongguk UnivMOU6/17/2014
Korea Republic ofKorea Rural Ec InstMOU7/29/2014
Korea Republic ofChungbuk Natl UnivMOU9/30/2010
Korea Republic ofDaegu UnivMOU8/18/2007
Korea Republic ofHongik UnivMOU5/1/1998
Korea Republic ofHongik UnivMOU4/18/2004
Korea Republic ofChungbuk Natl UnivMOU11/3/1997
Korea Republic ofDongguk UnivMOU6/27/2013
KuwaitAmerican Univ KuwaitMOU11/4/2012
KyrgyzstanInst Chem Ch Tech Natl Ac SciMOU12/28/2009
KyrgyzstanInst Chem Ch Tech Natl Ac SciMOU9/19/2004
LatviaLatvia Univ Of AgMOU10/7/2006
MalawiTotal LandcareMOU3/8/2014
MalaysiaTaylors UnivFacLed6/15/2013
MalaysiaUniv Utara MalaysiaFacLed6/14/2014
MalaysiaTaylors UnivMOU6/11/2013
MexicoInstituto Thomas JeffersonRCRT6/30/2002
MexicoUniv Auto De CampecheMOU4/27/2001
MexicoUniv Auto De CampecheMOU7/31/1998
MoroccoInst Ag Et Vet Hassan IiMOU6/26/1996
MoroccoIn Natl Recherche AgMOU6/26/1996
NetherlandsInst Ev Ecol Sci Univ LeidenMOU8/14/2006
NorwayBi Norwegian Sch MgmtMOU9/2/2014
PakistanRemount Vet Farm CorpMOU6/28/2012
PakistanPakistan Cncl Res Water ResMOU4/2/1990
PakistanGomal UnivMOU3/20/2010
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/13/2012
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/13/2013
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/6/2006
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/3/2008
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/8/2009
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/1/2010
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/12/2014
PeruPeople Of Peru ProjectFacLed6/9/2015
PhilippinesDe La Salle UnivMOU12/31/2002
PhilippinesAteneo De Manila UnivMOU5/2/2004
PolandCracow Pedagogical UnivMOU12/31/1994
PolandRzeszow Univ TechMOU1/28/2007
RomaniaUniv Of CraiovaMOU6/30/2005
Russian FederationFar Eastern St UnivRSEP/IPA10/9/1993
Russian FederationFar Eastern St UnivRSEP/IPA3/12/1995
Russian FederationFar Eastern St UnivRSEP/IPA3/12/1995
Russian FederationKrasnoyarsk St UnivRSEP/IPA6/10/1999
Russian FederationPushchino St UnivIPA7/5/1996
Russian FederationJoint Stock Co BiochimmashMOU9/19/2004
Russian FederationJoint Stock Co BiochimmashMOU12/28/2009
Russian FederationKrasnoyarsk St UnivMOU2/14/1998
Russian FederationPushchino St UnivMOU3/9/2004
Russian FederationPushchino St UnivMOU2/19/2010
Russian FederationSaint Petersburg St UnivMOU3/21/2007
Russian FederationSaint Petersburg St UnivMOU10/22/1993
Russian FederationSaint Petersburg St UnivMOU12/31/1996
Russian FederationThe Biological Res CtrMOU11/24/1997
Russian FederationSt Res Inst Of PhysiologyMOU5/30/2008
Saudi ArabiaAlaa For IndustryTrn_Intrn5/15/2015
Saudi ArabiaAlaa For IndustryMOU5/7/2015
SingaporeSingapore Mgmt UnivRSEP7/1/2005
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed9/1/2012
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed7/13/2013
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed7/13/2013
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed12/31/2013
SpainUniv Politecnica ValenciaFacLed12/31/2014
SpainAmnislabs SlTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SpainAsoma SlTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SpainBeoptimus Spain SlTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SpainCourier Auxiliar Industrial SlTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SpainInst Venezuelano De Inv CTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SpainSanz Sguridad SlTRN_INTRN7/23/2014
SwitzerlandCesar Ritz CollFacLed5/30/2013
SwitzerlandUniv St. GallenRSEP6/30/2014
SwitzerlandHotelconsult Shcc CollFacLed6/30/2012
SwitzerlandHotelconsult Shcc CollIPA8/25/2013
Taiwan Province of ChinaFeng Chia Univ8/26/2013
ThailandTropical Garden ResortFacLed6/30/2012
ThailandChinagmai Vis Prop Co LtdFacLed6/2/2013
ThailandChiang Mai UnivFacLed6/16/2013
ThailandPhuket Heritage EventFacLed6/2/2013
ThailandTropical Garden ResortFacLed6/15/2013
ThailandMahasarakham UnivRSEP6/1/2003
ThailandMinistry Of Ed Of ThailandRSEP5/1/2000
ThailandPhuket Heritage EventFacLed6/18/2014
ThailandChanalai GrpFacLed6/21/2014
ThailandChiang Mai UnivFacLed6/22/2014
ThailandChiang Mai UnivFacLed6/30/2015
ThailandPhuket Heritage EventFacLed6/30/2015
ThailandKhon Kaen UnivMOU6/8/2012
ThailandMahidol UnivMOU12/19/2011
ThailandUniv Thai Cham CommMOU10/1/2012
ThailandChiang Mai UnivMOU7/8/2014
TurkeyYuzuncu Yil UnivMOU9/30/2012
United KingdomUniv StirlingRSEP9/7/1973
United KingdomKings CollRCRT2/7/2014
United KingdomInch HouseFacLed5/19/2013
United KingdomIntl Student ServicesFacLed7/3/2004
United KingdomInch HouseFacLed5/23/2013
United KingdomInch HouseFacLed5/31/2015
United StatesCapa Intl EdTRN_INTRN8/31/2013
United StatesCapa Intl EdTRN_INTRN7/30/2013
United StatesCultural Exp Abroad IncAFFL12/1/2007
United StatesUrur LivestockMOU11/5/2011
United StatesOpen Society InstIA6/1/2013
United StatesFan Fan Llc Ed Exc SvcRCRT2/13/2013
United StatesCapa Intl EdTRN_INTRN8/15/2012
United StatesChina SenseABRD6/30/2012
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed2/28/2013
United StatesChina SenseFacLed6/25/2013
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/20/2013
United StatesMarazul Charters IncFacLed5/19/2013
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/20/2013
United StatesAm Inter-Continental UnivAFFL3/1/2003
United StatesIntl Studies Abroad IncAFFL12/31/2001
United StatesAustralian Ed ConnectionAFFL2/28/2008
United StatesSelect Travel StudyFacLed3/23/2014
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed8/2/2014
United StatesAcademic Programs IntlFacLed7/24/2014
United StatesMarazul Charters IncFacLed5/23/2014
United StatesMi St UnivFacLed5/27/2014
United StatesChina Intl IncFacLed4/26/2014
United StatesChina SenseFacLed7/14/2014
United StatesCea Global EdFacLed12/19/2014
United StatesSelect Travel StudyFacLed3/22/2015
United StatesAcademic Programs IntlFacLed7/1/2015
United StatesMarazul Charters IncFacLed6/1/2015
United StatesMi St UnivFacLed6/1/2015
United StatesMatenwa Comm Lrn CtrMOU1/23/2012
United StatesSpokane CcMOU11/24/2012
Viet NamNational Economics UnivRSEP6/1/2003
Viet NamIntl Univ Vietnam Natl UnivMOU9/30/2011
YemenThe Min Of Ag And IrrigMOU3/20/2012

For more information about these agreements, please contact Global Partnerships and Global Services.