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Learn English

Customized Programs

The Office of International Programs designs, teaches, and hosts on-site custom programs for any audience.

A customized program is the perfect way for your group to learn English. You can have a short- or long-term study abroad experience at WSU. You will enjoy the studious environment of a major research university and the friendly, welcoming community of a classic U.S. college town. You will feel at home in our thriving international community.

You can expect high quality English as a Second Language instruction designed and delivered for your needs. Interact with native English speakers and build your intercultural communication skills. Group programs run from 2 to 6 weeks throughout the year. Students typically live in campus housing.


We offer 7 levels of English as a Second Language instruction in all skill areas. We can design English instruction for any discipline (e.g., art, business, engineering, and medical sciences). You can even take English courses and an undergraduate WSU course at the same time if you meet minimum language requirements. We also offer language immersion programs in many different languages. As you can see, we can meet any need you have for a customized program.

While you are here, you can experience U.S. culture through various events and recreational activities including going to a WSU American football or baseball game, participating in a Fourth of July celebration, or skiing in the mountains. Participants also have the opportunity to go horseback riding, boating, hiking, or attending a rodeo.

Learn English and study abroad at one of the best programs in the United States. Experience U.S. culture and make memories and friends that will last a lifetime.

Contact us to arrange your program.