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Learn English

Academic English Program

Learn the English language skills and academic skills needed to study successfully at U.S. universities and colleges.

About Academic English

Academic English at Washington State University is an accredited, academic preparation Intensive English program.*

Academic English Mission

  • Provide high quality intensive English language instruction to the international community in a supportive, respectful atmosphere to help students meet their academic, personal, and professional goals
  • Prepare our students academically and culturally by using innovative techniques and instructional methods to meet student needs
  • Build and support the foundation for our students’ successful navigation of university life
  • Increase Washington State University’s international standing by laying the foundation for all WSU students to become true global citizens and by helping international students successfully complete their degree programs

The main program offers 7 levels of language instruction, from beginning to high advanced.

  1. Beginner
  2. High Beginner
  3. Low Intermediate
  4. Intermediate
  5. High Intermediate
  6. Advanced – Undergraduate study preparation (meets WSU language proficiency requirement for undergraduate admission)
  7. High Advanced – Graduate study preparation (meets WSU language proficiency requirement for graduate study)

Classes typically run from Monday mornings through Friday afternoons. You are expected to attend class and participate. There are 15 students or fewer in each class. Students come from all over the world. We speak only English in class.

You will find your classes and teachers’ offices are all located in the same building. You will receive individual attention and instruction from our teachers. Residence halls, apartments, and restaurants are a 5-10 minute walk from our building. We regularly offer social and cultural activities to prepare you for life in the United States and at Washington State University. You are welcome here.

Academic English Placement Table

Program:Level 4:
1 Term
Level 3:
2 Terms
Level 2:
3 Terms
PasswordLevel 4Level 3Level 2

*Academic English requires 18 hours of instruction per week or less depending upon your visa status. Level availability depends on minimum enrollment requirements. Each level will span an 8-week term.

Please e-mail with your questions.

Fall, Spring, and Summer Program Dates

Fall 2, 2022 | Oct. 17-Dec. 16

Spring 1, 2023 | Jan. 9-March 3

Spring 2, 2023 | March 6-May 5

Spring break is March 13-17

Summer 2023 | May 8-June 30

Fall 1, 2023 | Aug. 21-Oct. 13

Fall 2, 2023 | Oct. 16-Dec. 15


*Vaccination against the COVID-19 virus is required, with some exceptions. See the WSU IP COVID-19 FAQ web page for details.


Instruction focuses on building the speaking, listening, and writing skills that are essential to academic success.

Academic English consists of 18 hours of instruction per week. This means each student will take 18 core hours at each level.

Levels 0-4

  • Reading/Composition
  • Grammar
  • Listening/Speaking

Level 5

  • Academic Reading
  • Academic Composition
  • Academic Listening and Discussion

Level 6

  • Academic Research and Composition
  • Academic Listening and Discussion

We offer many field trips and events to help you fully experience life in the United States.

A Bridge to WSU Admission

Completion of Levels 5 and 6 may be used instead of TOEFL scores for admission to WSU.

  • Advanced (Level 5)  meets the language proficiency requirement to enter WSU as an undergraduate
  • High advanced (Level 6) meets the language proficiency requirement for entry to WSU’s Graduate School

Student Computer Labs

WSU offers several computer labs equipped with personal computer workstations and plenty of study space.

Students are welcome to use the lab’s computers for virtually any purpose. The labs provide ideal places to write papers for classes, communicate with friends and family at home, listen to music, or watch videos.

Language Support Program

If your English ability is preventing you from being successful in your classes or your research at WSU, the Language Support Program can help.

International students at WSU who want additional language support (and who are not on appointment in their department) can take Academic English courses at WSU and still maintain their full-time status.

Language Support Program students must be enrolled full time at WSU, but you can enroll in language support courses for up to 50 percent of your required load. For more information, please email us at

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