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Learn English

Student Life

The welcoming, student-centered community of the Tri-Cities makes the Intensive American Language Center (IALC) a perfect place to learn English and enjoy local culture.

The Intensive American Language Center (IALC) is part of Washington State University, a large state university system in a safe, diverse, welcoming environment.

WSU Tri-Cities is located in Richland, Washington, 81 km (130 miles) southwest of Pullman.

Community Built for You

In the 126 years since the founding of Washington State University, the community the Tri-Cities has grown and developed to forming vibrant, student-centered learning environments.

WSU Tri-Cities is the most diverse campus in the system, located in the sixth-best place for STEM graduates in the United States with 92 percent job placement. The Tri-Cities area is an urban haven for international students and scholars.

There are many shopping districts with coffee shops, specialty retailers, and restaurants only a short walk away from the IALC classrooms on campus. Convenient bus routes provide access to grocery stores, department stores, movie theaters, and more.

In the Tri-Cities, the Ben Franklin Transit system is available to get you around town.

International Students Are Welcome Here


of WSU students are international


countries are home to current WSU students


of WSU students identify as ethnic minorities


U.S. states are home to current WSU students

Student Union Building

IALC students are welcome in the WSU Tri-Cities Student Union Building.

It is intended to be a home where students will be able to relax between classes, socialize, participate in recreation activities, develop their leadership skills, grab a cup of coffee, check their email, attend entertainment events and gaze upon one of the best views of the Columbia River in the Tri-Cities.

An Active Campus

Washington State is the the location of a major national public research university. It is also an intellectual and cultural hub. When you are on campus at WSU, the world comes to you.

Whatever your interests may be, you can find people at WSU who are eager to share them with you.

The University communities offer a wide variety of cultural, entertainment, and recreational activities. You will have opportunities to experience international and U.S. culture.