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Global Case Competition

The Global Case Competition brings students together to develop innovative, interdisciplinary solutions to complex global issues using local resources.

Teamwork to Solve a Global Problem

The Global Case Competition (GCC) at Washington State University began in spring 2011. It brings graduate and undergraduate students from all WSU campuses together to form multi-disciplinary teams. Each team is asked to develop a solution to an issue currently impacting a global community.

Teams of four to six students work together under a strict timeline to develop an innovative solution to the selected case. Judging the solution occurs in two stages. Each team submits a two-page written solution. Expert judges evaluate each solution and select the top five teams as finalists.

Each of the finalist teams presents a solution in a public forum. Judges will be present at the competition. They will have an opportunity to ask questions of each team before selecting a winner.

Why should I participate?

  • Build your résumé with an internationally-related experience
  • Gain valuable interdisciplinary teamwork experience
  • Contribute to solving a complex global issue
  • Win a scholarship and an opportunity to travel
  • Be a Global Coug!



The competition is open to any WSU student currently enrolled in spring semester. Undergraduate and graduate students from all locations are welcome to apply.

Team Requirements

Each competing team must have four to six members, including:

  • Two undergraduate students and two graduate students
  • International and domestic students
  • Representation from at least two WSU colleges
  • Representation from at least two WSU campuses


Registration is electronic. It is first-come, first-served. You can register either individually or as a complete team. Students registering as a complete team must complete the individual registration as well. All teams will receive the same challenge case.

Registration will remain open until 20 teams have been formed.

Individual Registration

When you register as an individual, you will be assigned to a team composed of other individual registrants to meet the requirements of a team.

Registered individuals will be notified when a team is formed and will be assigned a temporary team captain. The team captain will be sent all important information to share with his/her team.

Individual Registration

Team Registration

You may register a team of four to six students that meets the requirements. All team members must complete the individual registration in addition to the team registration. Your team will be asked to name a team captain. Once a team has been successfully registered, the team captain will be notified.

Team Registration

2017 Fall Competition Schedule

The 2017 Global Case Competition will be held in late October. Registration opens on September 5.

The Rules

Participants in the Global Case Competition must follow a detailed set of rules providing the guidelines for team communication, faculty advisers, submission of solutions, and the final competition.

Eligibility and Composition of Teams

The competition is open to any Washington State University student enrolled in the fall semester in which the
competition is open. Each competing team must have four to six students, including:

  • Two undergraduate and two graduate students
  • International and domestic students
  • Representation from at least two different WSU colleges
  • Representation from at least two different WSU campuses

No substitutions of team members are allowed after teams are formed and participants notified.

Individual and Team Registration

Registration is electronic and open September 5 – 19. Participation is “first‐come first‐served” and registration will be closed after 20 teams have been formed or September 19 at 11:59 p.m., whichever comes first. All team captains and team members will be notified of their participation in the competition.

  • Students may register in two ways:
    • As an individual: students will be placed on a team according the eligibility criteria and composition rules
    • As a complete team: 4‐6 students who meet the eligibility criteria and composition rules; each student registering as a team must also complete an individual registration
  • Students will receive a confirmatory email that their registration has been received; this is not a guarantee that a student will be a participant until the official notification of participation is sent by the Office of International Programs’ Global Learning department.
  • All teams must identify a team captain and select a team name shortly after the team is formed.
  • Team captains will be the contact for all communication with team members and will be responsible for ensuring that all team members are committed to active participation in the competition.
  • Students who apply as individuals will be assigned to a team and a temporary team captain will be identified by Global Learning. A new team captain may be selected by members of a team within 5 days of notification of participation in the competition. The name of the new team captain must be sent to the Global Learning Department’s Global Case Competition.
  • Individual Registration
  • Team Registration


Each team will receive the same complex global issue (the CASE). The CASE will be revealed publicly to all participants on after all teams have formed and been notified. A written copy of the CASE will be sent to the team captain.

  • Each team has approximately two weeks to get to know its members, research the CASE and develop the creative and innovative two page solutions or responses to the CASE.
  • Each team will be assigned a faculty advisor for consultation during the development of its two-page solution.
    • The team captain must contact the faculty advisor within three days after the team has been formed. To optimize the time with their faculty advisor, teams are encouraged to generate a concise set of questions for discussion and feedback.
    • The role of the faculty advisor is to assist with teamwork, organization strategies, academic guidance, and to ensure that a team’s solutions reflect the academic disciplines of all team members.
    • Finalist teams will continue to work with the same advisor.
  • The solicitation of advice on generating a team’s solution outside of the team members and faculty advisor is not allowed. No team members may consult or discuss the case with anyone other than their team members or faculty advisor. Outside consultation will result in disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Maximum length for the solution is two pages, NOT including one cover page and one works cited page. The format of the solution is determined by the team. Minimum font size is 10pt.
  • Two‐page solutions must be submitted by the team captain no later than Monday, October 9 at noon to the Global Learning Department’s Global Case Competition.
  • Solutions submitted after the deadline will not be accepted.
  • A panel of seven expert judges will evaluate each team’s solutions and select five finalist teams. These five teams will be notified of their further participation in the competition no later than October 18.
  • Solutions will be judged on their multidisciplinary approaches to the CASE, logic of the arguments made, attention to the critical issues in the CASE, clarity of writing and grammar.

Final Competition

  • The final competition will be held Wednesday, October 25 in CUE 202!
  • After finalist teams have been notified, they will have until October 24 to develop a PowerPoint presentation of their solution to present at the final competition. Up to 10 slides are allowed.
  • Team captains must submit a copy of their FINAL presentation to the Global Learning Department’s Global Case Competition no later than Tuesday, October 24 at noon.
  • Teams will NOT be able to alter their presentations after they are submitted. NO EXCEPTIONS. This is a requirement for live-streaming of the competition.
  • Each team will have 10 minutes to present its solutions to the original panel of judges. Students, staff, faculty and the general public are invited to attend the final competition.
  • Judges will have an opportunity to ask questions after each team’s presentation.

Awards Ceremony and Reception

  • Immediately after all teams have presented, judges will rank the teams (first through fifth).
  • Presentations will be judged on their multidisciplinary approaches to the CASE, logic of the solutions, attention to the critical issues in the CASE, quality of the presentation, and how well team members respond to judges’ questions.
  • Awards will be made immediately following the judges’ decisions at a catered reception.
  • The first place team has the opportunity to travel to the location of the CASE.
  • The top three teams will receive scholarships to be divided among team members.
  • The first place team will also have its name engraved on a plaque in the Office of International Programs.

Support the Global Case Competition

Your support is essential! Your contribution could help:

  • Provide scholarships and travel awards to the winning teams
  • Fund statewide team members’ travel to Pullman
  • Support marketing and hospitality for the final competition
  • Bring industry/professional judges to the panel

Sponsorships are a great opportunity to foster global thinking and raise awareness of your brand among the state’s brightest college students. Qualified professionals are invited to inquire about judging and mentoring opportunities.

Volunteers are always welcome.

Cheryl Hansen
Washington State University
Office of International Programs
Director of International Outreach and Partnerships
PO Box 5121
Pullman WA 99164-5121

Bryan Hall 206N

Washington State University