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International On Campus

Global Learning Ambassadors

Global Learning Ambassadors serve as contacts for students who are choosing locations and programs for study abroad.

As a Global Learning Ambassador, you can represent the country, city, and program where you studied, and use your experience to help your fellow students decide whether to study abroad and where to go.

Students will contact you with questions about the city and country you were in, the specific program you went on, and more. You will draw on your own study abroad experience to answer them (and we will help you get prepared).

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Contact an Ambassador

Are you wondering what it is like to be a Global Learning Ambassador? Contact one of them (or two or three) and ask about their experience.


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Melbourne (Bundoora)Nam NguyenWSU - La Trobe Bilateral ExchangeWSU - La Trobe Bilateral Exchange


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Rio de JaneiroNam NguyenCIEE J-Term BrazilCIEE J-Term Brazil


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Phnom PenhAlexandra PfiffnerInternational Partnership for Service Learning (IPSL)International Partnership for Service Learning (IPSL)


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
HarbinJackson PevenCET Academic ProgramsCET Academic Programs

Costa Rica

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
San JoseMegan StyborskiCultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)Veritas Universidad

Czech Republic

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
PragueStella KimUniversity Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)Charles University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
LondonNam NguyenCIEE Global InstitutesCIEE Global Institutes


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
BerlinNam NguyenCIEE Global InstitutesCIEE Global Institutes


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
DublinNam NguyenFaculty-Led IrelandFaculty-Led Ireland
GalwayNianiella DorvallUniversity Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)The National University of Ireland Galway


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
FlorenceElliott SoelterWSU Faculty-Led ProgramWSU Faculty-Led Program
RomeNam NguyenFaculty-Led ItalyCIEE Global Institutes

The Netherlands

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
AmsterdamRylee LookInstitute of the International Education of Students (IES)University of Amsterdam
AmsterdamSarah PhelanISEP - ExchangeUniversity of Amsterdam
UtrechtFatou BojangDirect EnrollmentUtrecht University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
PeruMcKenzie MillsWSU Faculty-Led ProgramWSU Faculty-Led Program


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
St. AndrewsKennedy WoodardDirect EnrolmentThe University of St. Andrews

South Korea

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
SeoulNam NguyenFaculty-Led KoreaFaculty-Led Korea


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Barcelona Margaret EliasenInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)International Studies


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Chang MaiAlexandra PfiffnerInternational Partnership for Service Learning (IPSL)
Washington State University