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Washington State University
International On Campus

Letters to Our Students

To our dear international community,

As the United States turns the page to a new chapter in its 245-year history, we have a renewed sense of optimism that the new administration will return us to a kinder and more welcoming place. We share that optimism with the record-breaking majority that has given our new leaders the charge of governance.

While we have our trials ahead, the U.S. has the resilience, will, and clarity necessary to tackle our issues. We have the strength that comes with being a “melting pot”; the diversity that exists among our population, both citizens and guests inside and outside our borders, gives us the benefit of different perspectives, talents, cultures, histories, and dreams that will anchor a better future for all. As we move into a new era, we have confidence that the US will partner with countries around the world to tackle the challenges of all humanity. As an international Coug or prospective Coug, you, too, have an important part to play in shaping the future, and we welcome your involvement.

Please know that each of us in Washington State University’s Office of International Programs remains committed to the education and well-being of you and all our international students and scholars. Whether you are studying or working from your home on campus or outside the U.S., you can reach out to any of us for help with any question, suggestion, or challenge you may have. We miss having you here, and, until we can be together in person again, our thoughts remain with you.

Yours always,

Asif Chaudhry
U.S. Ambassador (Ret.)
Vice President

Paul Whitney
Associate Vice President

Jamie Capps
Director of Finance

Kate Hellmann
Director-International Student and Scholar Services

Kelly Newlon
Director-Global Learning

Erin-Kae Rice
Director-Global Partnerships and Research Services

Daniel Saud
Director-IP Admissions, Recruitment & Marketing

Archived Posts

A letter from Dr. Asif Chaudhry and Provost Chilton

Dear faculty colleagues,Many of our new and continuing international students were not able to join us in the state of Washington this fall due to federal immigration policies. These Cougs are starting or continuing their WSU education from their home countries. This can be a challenge for both students and instructors. Please note that International Student and Scholar Services in the Office of International Programs is here to help. As the semester gets underway, several steps will help ensure that all students, including international students, can appropriately engage with course materials and activities. Please consider the following:    Read more.

WSU values international students | July 16, 2020

As part of our international community, you directly influence our education and research mission. You help drive the innovation and economy in the state of Washington and are part of creating a learning environment that fosters peace, understanding, and global competence in a world of interconnected global challenges. Read more.

WSU stands with its international scholars | July 6, 2020

Washington State University firmly supports the many international scholars affected by the recent federal action to block new H-1B visas and is working with congressional members and others to advocate on their behalf. Read more.

Recent tragedies call for self-examination | June 1, 2020

Dear Faculty, Staff, and Students:

Racism looms over our nation’s soul.

Breonna Taylor. Ahmaud Arbery. George Floyd. Three on a seemingly endless list of African American fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, loved ones, and family members, all of whom were killed because they were black.

Each a recent and stark reminder and memorial of the ugliness of historic, systemic inequality. Read more.

To all international students | March 2020

Welcome back to your studies!

As we begin a new learning experience for the rest of our spring semester, I want you to know that your health, safety and educational progress are important to us in International Programs. Read more.

About the 2017 travel ban by Executive Order | February 9, 2017

Dear Students, Faculty, and Staff:

As the courts continue to deliberate the federal executive order that affects the ability of some members of our international community to travel to and from the United States, we remain focused on ensuring the welfare, safety, and security of our international students, staff, and faculty. Read more.