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International On Campus

Program Transfer

As a visiting scholar, you may transfer from one program sponsor to another under the following circumstances:

  • The purpose of the transfer is to complete the objective for which you were admitted to exchange visitor status.
  • You remain within the same participant category (for example, short-term scholar, research scholar, or visiting professor).
  • You have the approval of the program you intend to depart.

Steps to Take


Advisor Appointment

Make an appointment with the international scholar advisor or Responsible Officer or Alternate Responsible Officer at your current host sponsor institution.

Discuss your situation and identify a possible “transfer effective date.”


Supervisor & Sponsor Approvals

Obtain approval from your host department supervisor.

Obtain the approval of a new sponsor.



Submit a “transfer out” form to your current host sponsor institution.

Submit a “transfer in” form to your new host sponsor institution.


New DS-2019

Obtain a new DS-2019 at the new host sponsor institution after arrival and check in.