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International Research


Among its many ongoing projects, GPRS is currently involved in designing, monitoring, and supporting agricultural research for inclusive and sustainable agriculture-led economic growth in Tanzania; agroforestry and community development in Malawi; and creating professional development and learning opportunities for Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning professionals around the world.

Below is a representative list of USG projects WSU Global Partnerships and Research Services has managed and implemented.

Tanzania: Economic Growth Participating Agency Service Agreement$6.3M2015-20USDA-FASUSAID/Tanzania Economic Growth Office
Pakistan: Center for Advanced Studies in Food Security and Agriculture at the University of Agriculture-Faisalabad$1.1M2016-17USAIDUniversity of California, Davis
Colombia: Building Capacity for Research and Extension at Universidad de la Salle$60K2016-17Department of StateNew Mexico State University, University of California, Davis
Afghanistan: Agricultural Extension Project II $4.5M2014-17USAIDUniversity of Maryland, Texas A&M University, Purdue University, University of California, Davis, Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
Algeria: Bee Breeding$32K 2014-17USDA-FASInstitute Technique des Elevages (ITELV), Algeria
Morocco: Fire Blight Disease Affecting Production of Apples and Pears$32K 2014-16USDA-FAS
Afghanistan: Agricultural University Faculty Strengthening $895K 2011-16USAIDPurdue University
Afghanistan: eQuality Alliances with Afghanistan public universities$8.0M2011-16USAIDKabul University
Rwanda: Women’s Leadership Program in Agriculture at the University of Rwanda$75K2012-15USAIDMichigan State University, Ministry of Education, University of Rwanda, Higher Education for Development
Ukraine: Ukraine Agricultural Cooperatives$54K 2012-14USDA-FAS
Afghanistan: Agricultural Extension Project$3.1M 2011-14USDA-FASUniversity of Maryland, Purdue University, University of California, Davis
Mauritania: Food Security and Climate Change$70K 2011-12USDA-FAS
Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda: School Gardens Program in Congo and Rwanda $53K 2010-11USDA-FAS
Iraq: Agricultural Extension Revitalization $855K 2007-11USDA-FASTexas A&M University, Utah State University
Georgia: Modernization of the Georgian Agrarian University$208K2005-10USDA-FAS
Ecuador: Youth Leadership Program$218K2007-08Department of StateALLPA Ecological Regeneration Institute
Malawi: Community-based Management of Chia Lagoon Watershed$2.1M 2004-07USAID
Tanzania and Malawi: Dry Bean-Cowpea Collaborative Research Support$3.9M 1980-2007USAIDMichigan State University
Uzbekistan:Education Capacity Building in Water and Environmental Policy Analysis for Uzbekistan and Central Asia $300K2002-05Department of State
China: International American Studies Degree Program Development $119K 2002-05Department of State
Jordan: Skills Enhancement and Support to Decision-makers in Jordan’s Water Sector$1.9M 2000-05USAID
Zambia: Small-scale Irrigation Food Security Program$235K 2003-04USAIDNCBA CLUSA
Armenia: Marketing Assistance Project$490K2002-04USDA
Malawi: Agroforestry Extension Project $6.9M 1992-2004USAID
Uzbekistan and Central Asia Region: Partnership for Environmental Protection and Integrated Water Management$100K 2000-03USAID
Mali: Animal Productivity and Export Project$10.8M 1992-98USAID
Russia: Krasnoyarsk Small and Medium Enterprise Development$2.4M1994-97USAID
Kenya: Small Ruminant Restricted Pox Vectored Vaccine$132K 1991-95USAID
Morocco and Burkina Faso: Analysis of Land and Water Resources Technology in Rain-fed Crop and Livestock Systems$450K 1991-95USDA
Romania: Management Training and Economics Education in Central and Eastern Europe$1.6M 1990-94USAIDUniversity of Washington
Morocco: Dryland Agricultural Applied Research Program$1.0M 1990-94USAIDUniversity of Nebraska
Cameroon: Agricultural Planning and Policy Project$11.0M 1988-93USAID
Mali: Livestock Sector Project (Phase III)$454K 1991-92USAID
Malawi: Agricultural Research and Extension Project$8.0M 1986-92USAIDOregon State University
Jordan: National Agricultural Development Project$9.1M 1986-91USAID
Zimbabwe: Development of Synthetic Peptide Vaccine Against Bovine Anaplasmosis$150K 1987-90USAID
Pakistan: Irrigation Systems Management Research Project$902K 1984-90USAIDUniversity of Idaho
Kenya: Small Ruminant Collaborative Research Support Program$2.2M 1978-90USAID
Lesotho: Farming Systems Research Project$9.6M 1979-86USAID
Jordan: Valley Agricultural Services Project$5.5M 1979-86USAID
Indonesia: Eastern Islands Agricultural Education Project$5.4M 1979-84USAID
Jordan: University of Jordan, College of Agricultural Development$2.2M 1975-79USAID