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Study Abroad

Ask a Student

Do you have questions about a program, a city, or a country you are considering? You are not alone. Talk to someone who has been there before.

Global Learning Peer Advisors

Global Learning Peer Advisors are WSU students who have studied abroad. They are trained to help you become aware of global learning opportunities at home and abroad.

Peer Advisors lead Global Cougs 101 information sessions, are available in the Global Learning Resource Room (Bryan Hall 105) to answer your questions, and via email throughout the academic year and summer. All of them are excited to help you with the study abroad application process and to share their experiences with you.

2017-18 Peer Advisors

Global Learning Ambassadors

Our Global Learning Ambassadors, WSU students who have studied abroad, would love to share their experiences and insights with you about how they decided where to go, where they traveled, their specific program, and more.

You are welcome to contact more than one student ambassador. It is a good idea to get a variety of perspectives before making your decision to study abroad. Remember, the opinions and experiences of the ambassadors are personal and not necessarily those of the Office of International Programs.

Tips for making the most of your contact:

  • Research your program options and prepare some questions in advance.
  • Keep an open mind. An ambassador can give great insight into the experience of studying abroad, but your experience will not necessarily be the same.


Are you wondering what it is like to be a global learning ambassador? Contact one of them (or two or three) and ask about their experience.


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Ocean DiamondBrendon MyersUniversity of GeorgiaUniversity of Georgia: Antarctica


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
MendozaNicholas SemrauInstitute for Study Abroad (IFSA -Butler)Universidad Nacional de Cuyo


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Gold CoastMiah Pavlich-WheelerDirect EnrollmentBond University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
Vina del MarMia RyckmanInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)Pontifica Universidad Catolica de Valparaiso


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
BeijingJoseph AdesuyiWSU Faculty-Led ProgramChina Sense Inc.
BeijingScott BowenWSU Faculty-Led ProgramChina Sense Inc.
ChengduNonoy FigueroaWSU Faculty-Led ProgramBusiness in China- SWUFE

Costa Rica

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
San JoseBruce Williamson BenavidesUniversity of Costa Rica


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
QuitoJoanne KunzeWSU Faculty-Led ProgramHearts in Montion & Universidad de San Francisco Quito


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
BremenMadison ColeWSU Exchange- BilateralJacobs University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
CreteEmily BoftoWSU Faculty-Led ProgramCarson College of Business
CreteEmily DennisWSU Faculty-Led ProgramBusiness in Greece
ThessalonikiMegan LandendorfInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)American College of Thessaloniki


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
ZacapaNelly AvilaWSU Faculty-Led ProgramGuatemala Medical Mission
ZacapaJoanne KunzeWSU Faculty-Led ProgramHearts in Montion & Universidad de San Francisco Quito


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
GalwayCatherine KruseCultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)CEA Ireland - National University of Ireland


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
FlorenceMarta MuellerInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)Florence University of the Arts
FlorenceRiley RanchSAI ProgramsFlorence University of the Arts
Reggio EmiliaBrenna YostUniversity Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)Univeristy of Modena e Reggio Emilia
RomeBlair BurnsCultural Experiences Abroad (CEA)CEA Rome
VicenzaTaylor GaleCamp AdventureCamp Adventure


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
TokyoNajet KerrisInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)Musashi University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
GroningenErin SalleCouncil of International Education Exchange (CIEE)Urban Planning and Society

New Zealand

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
DunedinTeva MayerArcadia University- Center for Education AbroadUniversity of Otago


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
StirlingGeorgia GlickertWSU Exchange- BilateralUniversity of Stirling

South Korea

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
SeoulJoseph AdesuyiWSU Faculty-Led Program
SeoulScott BowenWSU Faculty-Led Program


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
AlicanteAlfredo RamirezUniversity Studies Abroad Consortium (USAC)Alicante University
Barcelona Taylor MeadowsAmerican Institute for Foreign Study (AIFS)Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona
GranadaAmber RonhaarAcademic Programs International (API)Universidad de Granada
MadridDaniel PersaWSU Exchange- BilateralWSU Exchange
SevillaElizabeth MedinaCouncil of International Education Exchange (CIEE)Summer Communication New Media Journalism Program
SevillaKristen OzakiInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)Universidad Pablo de Olavide
ValenciaMiranda BukantzInternational Studies Abroad (ISA)ISA Valencia


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
UppsalaMara LindstromCouncil of International Education Exchange (CIEE)Uppsala University


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
BrigMadeline CavanaghWSU Faculty-Led ProgramCesar Ritz Colleges
BrigAbigael McGuireWSU Faculty-Led ProgramCesar Ritz Colleges


CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
IstanbulTimothy RiceArcadia University- Center for Education AbroadKadir Has University

United Kingdom

CityNameProgram TypeHost/Program
LondonHannah HillInstitute for the International Education of Students (IES)IES London
LondonEmily WangSAI PrrogramsLondon College of Fashion


NameProgram TypeHost/Program
Bianca DukeshererSemester at SeaSemester at Sea