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Student Stories

2020 Photo Contest Winners

2019 Photo Contest Winners

The Hanging Bridge in Costa Rica Say Cheese in Pienza Italy Cheerleaders at the Louvre Glimpse of History in Oslo City Hall, Norway Window to Stockholm, Sweden

2018 Photo Contest Winners

dragon dance in China

island sunset with rocks

2016 Photo Contest Winners

matterhorn in the background person jumping into snow
bubbles in front of people standing in a street with old apartments in the background
person with WSU flag standing in front of a lake surrounded by mountains people on a raft with dark clouds in the sky in Antarctica a waterfall in the background with blue sky and clouds





2015 Photo Contest Winners

trees in front of waterfall two women cooking on floor in room student with outstretched WSU flag in front of Louvre students outside in coats and hats with confetti coming down boats on the canal in Venice

2014 Photo Contest Winners

blue rooftops and white buildings in Sanorini, Greece man pushing agriculture implement in rice paddy woman holding a WSU flag in a shrine in Japan 2 women and 1 man polishing coal samples woman playing with a little girl outdoors

2013 Photo Contest Winners

sea surf in the foreground and Table Mountain in the background doors in a stucco wall with clothes hanging from a railing above woman holding a WSU flag with the Matterhorn and snow in the background a male student wearing a red t-shirt with one arm overhead and the other outstretched in front of a statue with the same pose the backs of 4 students sitting on a bench in front of the sea in Cape Town

2012 Photo Contest Winners

Incan ruins at Machu Picchu a man walking in front of graffiti of hands and letters on a wall scuba divers underwater holding a WSU Cougar flag a woman looking through a camera lens with mountains and people in the background a woman with long dark hair making rope