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Study Abroad

Virtual Programs

Fall 2020 Virtual Study Abroad

Global Engagement from Home

You may not be able to travel abroad right now, but you can certainly take advantage of the next best thing – virtually! We offer a number of global learning opportunities for you to plug into. Virtual program options provide students with opportunities to engage globally and continue progressing toward their goals without requiring travel.

New to global learning? Global Cougs 101 is the required first step for any WSU student pursuing global learning opportunities. You will learn a world of information in this 45-minute info session, which is now available online!

Each of the programs below requires 2 applications – the program application posted on the program’s website and the WSU Global Learning application.

↓ Deadline July 31 ↓


AIFS: Global Courses Online

Charles University (July 31)

Virtual Study Abroad

API: Virtual Short-Term French Study with Université Grenoble Alpes / deadline August 1

    • Intensive, month-long virtual French courses for all levels with Université Grenoble Alpes (Grenoble, France)
    • Taught synchronously (live) during U.S. morning hours
    • Earn 4 credits per course

API: Virtual Short-Term Spanish Study with Universidad Veritas / deadline July 21 (Session 1), August 1 (Session 2, Session 3, Session 4, Session 5)

  • Intensive, month-long virtual Spanish courses with Universidad Veritas (San José, Costa Rica) for learning/improving Spanish language skills
  • Courses offered
    • Spanish Language (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Spanish for Health Care Professionals (Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced)
    • Spanish for Business

API: Virtual Short-Term Spanish Study with Universidad de Salamanca / deadline July 20 (August), August 1 (September, October, November, December)

  • Intensive 2-week or month-long virtual Spanish Language & Culture courses with Universidad de Salamanca (Salamanca, Spain)
  • 2-3 credits for 2-week program, 4-6 credits for month-long program
  • Beginning, Intermediate, Advanced, and Proficient levels

API: Global Select

  • Take online courses from universities abroad
    • Choose just 1 course or several, up to a full course load
    • Mix and match courses from different universities with WSU courses
  • Universities
    • Universidad Veritas (Costa Rica) / deadline August 1
    • Universidad de Salamanca (Spain) / deadline August 1
  • Study tracks
    • General Education Requirements
    • International Business
    • Global Sustainability, Natural Sciences and Environmental Studies
    • International and Intercultural Communications
    • International Perspectives in Psychology
    • Global Health
    • Customize Your Own (1 to 6 courses from up to 3 universities)

CEA: Virtual Study – Liberal Arts & Social Sciences or International Business  / August 1 (standard session)

  • Take online courses taught by faculty in Buenos Aires, Dublin, Paris, Florence, Rome, Barcelona, & Seville with CEA’s Virtual Study Center
    • Choose just 1 course or several, up to a full course load
    • Mix and match with WSU courses
  • Course subjects
    • Anthropology, Art History, Business, Communication, Cultural Studies, Film Studies, Finance, Gender Studies, History, International Relations, Italian Language & Literature, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Philosophy, Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, Spanish Language & Literature, Supply Chain Management, Sustainability

ISA: Remote Learning – Current Global Topics & Spanish Language in Seville, Spain  / deadline August 1

  • Online courses from the ISA Study Center in Seville with Universidad International Menéndez Pelayo on Spanish Language & Culture and current topics (public health, economics, politics, culture) in the context of the pandemic

ISA: Remote Learning – Global Studies in Costa Rica & Spanish Language in San José, Costa Rica  / deadline August 1

  • Online courses from Universidad Veritas with topics in Humanities, Business, Environmental Science, Social Science, Health and Spanish

SAI: Florence University of the Arts – Virtual Fall Semester / deadline August 1 & Virtual Fall Short Programs / deadline August 1 (VP1, VP2, VP3, VP4)

  • Online courses from Florence University of the Arts
  • Intensive courses (3 credits) offered in 3-week sessions, take 1-4 sessions (4 sessions for full semester)
  • Course subjects
    • Fashion, Accessories, and Tech
    • Food and Wine Studies
    • Global Studies
    • Italian Studies and Linguistics
    • Liberal Arts
    • Life Studies / Human Services
    • Professional Studies and Experiential Learning
    • Sport and Health Sciences

SAI: Siena Italian Studies – Virtual Fall Semester / deadline August 1

  • Enroll in 2 intensive Italian language courses and 1-2 content courses (earn 9-12 total credits over 8 weeks)
  • Course subjects
    • Business Studies, Humanities & Social Sciences, Italian Language, Literature & Linguistics, Natural and Environmental Sciences

SAI: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona – Virtual Fall Electives / deadline August 1

  • Enroll in 1-2 virtual courses (3-6 credits) taught by Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Barcelona, Spain)
  • Course subjects
    • Art, Business, Communication, History, and Language

SIT: Fall 2020 Online Courses / deadline August 1

USAC: Online Courses / deadline August 1

  • Taught by USAC faculty based in Europe, Asia and Latin America
  • Earn 3-18 credits
  • Mix and match courses from multiple locations with WSU courses
  • Course subjects
    • Language and Literature (Chinese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish) Business, Art, Culture and Society, Diversity and Multiculturalism, Health and Wellness, International Affairs




Virtual Internships Abroad

Arcadia: Virtual Europe Internships / deadline August 1

  • Virtual internship placements in Athens, Edinburgh, London, and Rome
  • 12 weeks, 20 hours/week, 4-credit internship course
  • Placement fields
    • Business and Entrepreneurship, Community Organizing, Digital and Social Media, Education and Youth Work, Grant Writing and Editing, Journalism, Marketing, NGOs, Radio or Magazine, Small Business and Startup Operations, Social Media and Research, Tourism

CEA: Virtual Global Internship  / deadline August 1 (Session II)

  • Virtual internship placements in Amsterdam, Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Florence, Paris, Prague, Rome, San José, Sydney, & Seville
  • 120 hours over 6 weeks (20 hours/week) with 3-credit internship seminar course
  • Internship career fields
    • Accounting, Advertising, Agriculture, Anthropology, Architecture, Arts, Broadcasting, Business Management, Communication, Computer Science, Culinary Arts, Culture, Data Management, Design, Economics, Education, Engineering, Environmental Studies, Exercise, Finance, Food Science, Health, Hospitality, Information Technology, International Relations, Journalism, Law, Life Sciences & Resource Management, Marketing, Media Technology, Museum Studies, NGO & Development, Non-Profit Administration, Performing Arts, Political Science, Psychology, Public Relations, Publishing, Sales, Social Sciences, Social Services, Sports Science, Sustainability, Teaching, Theatre, Tourism, Urban Planning, Veterinary Medicine, Visual & Digital Arts, Visual Arts & Design

CIEE: Virtual Global Internship – 8 week or 12 week / deadline August 1

    • Companies and host organizations in Berlin, Barcelona, Cape Town, Hong Kong, London, Madrid, Mumbai, Paris, Prague, Rome, Santiago, Seville, Shanghai, Singapore, Tokyo, Toronto, and several large U.S. cities
    • 200-240 internship hours total, 25-30 hours/week for 8-week projects and 16-20 hours/week for 12-week projects
    • Available fields
      • Arts, Business Development & Sales, Business Finance & Accounting, Communications, Data Science & Data Analytics, Design, Digital Health, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, IT & Computer Science, Marketing, Media, Film & Photography, NGO, Social Media, Sustainability & Environment

ISA: Global Remote Internships / deadline July 20 (part-time individual placement), August 1 (full-time individual placement), August 1 (group projects)

  • Virtual internship placements in Europe, Asia, and Australia
  • Full-time or part-time, individual or group project
  • For academic credit (credits earned varies depending on internship type)
  • Relevant majors
    • Business, Communications, Computer Science, Data Science, Education, Fashion, Finance, General Engineering, International Business, Marketing, Pre-Law, Software Engineering, Tourism

ISEP: The Intern Group Virtual Internship Program / deadline August 1 (flexible)

  • Full-time and part-time virtual internship placements
  • Flexible scheduling (start date, hours, duration)
  • Network of 3,000+ leading companies around the world, spans all career fields

ISEP: Global Experiences Virtuoso: Virtual International Internships  / deadline July 20 (August 31 start date), August 1 for all subsequent fall/winter 2020 start dates

  • Virtual internship placements with international companies
  • 8-week and 12-week options, 25-40 hours/week
  • Career fields
    • Accounting, Business, Finance, Graphic Design, IT/Computing, Journalism, Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SAI: Virtual Internships in Barcelona, Florence, and Rome / deadline August 1

  • Non-credit virtual internship with a company based in Spain or Italy
  • Foreign language proficiency not required, but may help expand options

SAI: Fall Semester Virtual Internship by Sant’Anna Institute / deadline August 1

  • Virtual internship placement with a company based in Sorrento, Italy
  • 120 internship hours (weekly hours vary), project-based
  • Available fields
    • Architecture, Business Administration, Communications, Education, English, Finance, Human Services, Interior Design, International Business, International Studies, Italian Studies, Journalism, Management, Marketing, Political Science

SIT: Fall 2020 Virtual Internships / deadline August 1

USAC: Virtual Internship / deadline August 1

    • Earn 3 credits by completing a virtual internship with a business or organization based in
    • Minimum of 120 work hours plus a 15-hour Global Internship seminar
    • Career fields
      • Digital Marketing and Social Media Management, Business, Engineering, Translation, Social Welfare, English Language Instruction, Journalism, Grant-Writing/Crowd Funding, Research, Health/Wellness, Computer Science/IT, Graphic Design/3-D Modeling, Human Resources

Virtual Study + Internship Abroad

AIFS: Virtuoso Institute – Career-Focused Virtual Semester Abroad / deadline August 1 (September 14 start and September 28 start)

  • Virtual international internship (15-20 hours/week, 6 credits)
  • Up to 3 global courses online (3-9 credits) – see AIFS: Global Courses Online
  • Fields
    • Accounting, Business, Finance, Graphic Design, IT/Computing, Journalism, Marketing, Non-Profit

USAC: Online Course + Virtual Internship / deadline August 1


Additional Virtual Opportunities

API: Innovation Lab / deadline August 1

  • Teams of 4-6 peers work together to develop business solutions to global challenges
  • Designed to leverage the UN Global Goals as a blueprint for understanding global problems that need solving (e.g., poverty, gender equality, climate action)
  • Work results in a pitch deck and investment proposal for a viable business model that is presented in a virtual boardroom as part of the Global Innovative Pitch Competition

API: Community Engagement Lab / deadline August 1

  • 10-week learning experience with teams of 4-6 participants working together to explore ways to create actionable change and make a lasting impact in communities at home and abroad

Peace Corps: Virtual Events and Webinars / rolling registration

  • Highlighted events
    • Introduction to Peace Corps
    • Application workshop
    • Office hours: Virtual
  • Contact Jacob Babb ( to learn more about the Peace Corps Prep program at WSU