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International Programs

IP Events

Intercultural Dating Coffee Hour

Intercultural dating is both exciting and challenging. Come to Coffee Hour to discuss the complexities of dating someone from another part of the world, mingle with new people and make ice cream sundaes!

Peace Corp Coffee Hour

Are you motivated to help people in need? Come listen to Brian Nyquist’s story about volunteering in the Peace Corp and how it works. Free chips and cookies will be served!

Exotic Pets Coffee Hour

Lions, tigers, and bears! Oh my! In this week’s Coffee Hour, come learn about the most exotic pets around the world. Dogs and cats just aren’t enough anymore!

Dos and Don’ts in the United States Coffee Hour

In some countries, you can ask about a person’s age, weight, or income. In the United States, however, you might find yourself in an uncomfortably awkward situation! Come to the “United States Dos and Don’ts” Coffee Hour to find out what is culturally acceptable and unacceptable. Free snacks and freshly-brewed coffee will be served!

Coolest Places in the United States Coffee Hour

Have you ever wondered where the best landmarks are in the United States? The Statue of Liberty, the Grand Canyon, and Mount Rushmore are some of the most visited tourist attractions, just to name a few. See what other cool places grab your attention by coming to a coffee hour, where you will learn about the coolest places in the United States. Cookies and freshly-brewed coffee will be served!