Cougs Stick Together Video, Transcript, and Description

Cougs Stick Together


(soft rousing music, instrumental and chorus “oh” in tune with the music)

We know this year didn’t turn out the way we expected.

But before you know it you’ll be finding your way back home.

And no matter what school looks like this fall the things you’ll learn and the moments you’ll experience will stay with you for a lifetime.

Cougs= we stick together. We always have and we always will.

(music fades)


(soft rousing music, instrumental and chorus “oh” in tune with the music)

A wide walkway between buildings on campus

A long curved white table with 4 orange chairs tucked up to it

Basement with red columns and white columns and stacks of chairs

Top of a bus with the sign Wash hands.

2 Students walking outside with backpacks and  a notebook, students and classroom building in the background

2 women students, 1 with arm draped over the other, share a big laugh

Older man and younger women in room with equipment and wires look at a screen

View of students through a window reading Collaboration Space

4 people walk up to a tower, man in red WSU shirt puts his hand on an item sitting on a tripod

A male and female sit at a table with an open laptop. The male talks and puts his fingers on the screen .

2 women laugh

People walk and talk on a treed mall on campus

Students climb a narrow stairway

Students carrying plates of food walk under a sign that reads COUGS!

A man and woman in blue t-shirts slap hands, make friendly hand gestures in front of seated students

2 women underwater wearing goggles and swimcaps smile at the camera

A line of students sit on a low wall outside and interact with 2 smiling women standing closely in front of them

Overhead view of the campus library, grass, trees, and sidewalk, Kimbrough hall and mountains in the background

Graphic of WSU coug head logo

(music fades)