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Learn English

Learn American English from highly qualified, experienced instructors and enjoy U.S. culture in a safe, student-friendly environment.

The Intensive American Language Center (IALC) at Washington State University teaches English as a second language and prepares international students for study at U.S. colleges and universities. The IALC is part of WSU and is located in Pullman.


The IALC offers five, eight-week sessions per year. Applications are accepted year-round. You should apply at least one month before the beginning of the session you plan to attend.

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The IALC is a Pathway to a WSU Degree

Students who pass level 5 of the IALC program with a “B” average meet the language requirement for undergraduate admission to WSU.

You may apply for admission to the Intensive American Language Center and Washington State University by completing both applications: WSU IALC and International Undergraduate Admissions.


An Effective, Enjoyable Way to Learn

Enjoy U.S. Culture in the Classroom

Courses at each level are taught using themes that are relevant in U.S. culture. The themes are connected in all classes: reading, writing, listening, speaking, and grammar.

Class materials come from the same sources U.S. students use: college textbooks, novels, magazines, newspapers, journals, the Internet, and current videos.

Interact, Communicate, and Learn Together

Because of the diverse nationalities at the IALC, English is likely to be the only language everyone has in common—so everyone speaks English in class. Our program focuses on communicative English, not repetitive drills.

Prepare for the English-Speaking World You Want to Enter

Our classes help you learn more than just language; they focus on the customs and skills needed to succeed in academic, professional, and social settings.

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To feel comfortable, what more do I need than good teachers who will help me in my school life and my own life out of school? The IALC has what I want. It is the best place for learning English, like a big family from many countries.”
Mazoun Al Isaii


I spent one year in the IALC. I like the way of treatment here. The teachers and staff listen to the problems of students and try to give support.”
Abdelsalam Aldrmon


I like the IALC because its topics are interesting, the staff and teachers are very friendly, and the best thing is they are very helpful. That is not all they have, but that is the most important thing about the place where you are looking to study.”
Faras Almuhkaini


I like the different themes every session, and the way that the classes are connected to each other.”
Sharifah Altalhi
Saudi Arabia


Studying at the IALC has been one of the greatest experiences in my life. I have met many people from all over the world. When I came to the U.S., I did not speak any English. That was so frustrating, but my teachers have done a great job. I can now speak English. Everything is easier. I am really excited about being here in the U.S. and studying at the IALC.”
Mauricio Cifuentes-Soto


I like how the classes are fun to study. Because each class is small, classmates are very kind. We are having a good time studying together at the IALC.”
Mridula Fujii


I love the IALC and I really improved my English here. The teachers here are very nice and are awesome. I am going to miss them when I graduate from IALC.”
Xinkai Lan


I like the IALC because I have a chance to learn about others countries’ history, culture, and so on. Also, you can communicate with everybody at the IALC. Every day, you have time to meet other international students. Moreover, you can practice speaking English. I’m sure you will also get good experiences and memories.”
Kenta Miyaji


Awesome teachers will greet and teach you. You can improve your academic skills, such as writing, speaking and searching resources for your reports, in the IALC with your teachers. The teachers will help you with pleasure whenever you want. You can also enjoy additional activities with IALC like rafting, Halloween party and so on. You can also use the computers in the IALC Computer Labs whenever you want.”
Taesoon Park
South Korea


Student Inquiries

If you would like information about attending the Intensive American Language Center at Washington State University, we will be happy to assist you.

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The IALC is accredited by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation (CEA) and is a member of English USA.


Accreditation by CEA signifies that an English language program has met U.S. Department of Education standards and ensures that the faculty, curriculum, standards, and services will be of the highest quality.


English USA is the leading professional association of intensive English programs in the USA. The 330 member programs of English USA are committed to quality teaching and student services.