Global Partnerships

Expand your research and innovation efforts through a formal international partnership.

Global Partnerships and Research Services is a leader in establishing networks of international research, technical assistance, teaching, extension, business and nonprofit engagement, and learning experiences within Washington State University. As the hub for these networks, GPRS catalyzes faculty involvement in international research and development; expands transformative, global student experiences; and amplifies WSU’s internationalization efforts.

Please contact International Programs as soon as possible if you are contemplating a formal international collaboration. We will help ensure that your efforts are successful.

A world of opportunities

For decades, WSU’s International Programs has assembled teams comprising skilled, successful training facilitators, technical advisors, business professionals, and government relations experts from faculty, staff, and administration who have supported capacity-building and research projects around the world. We also maintain relationships with technical experts at other U.S. universities and colleagues in programs including CGIAR centers (a global partnership that unites international organizations engaged in research about food security) and other institutions worldwide that can be tapped for workshops and other short- or long-term needs.

WSU has led and continues to implement complex programs in developing countries that require hiring local and non-national staff and managing their human resource needs. We have fully audited procedures and systems in place for such management.

Make connections

Global partnerships are essential to WSU’s mission to improve the quality of life throughout the state, nation, and world.

If you want to encourage an international focus in your area or plan to embark on an international research collaboration, the team from GPRS is ready to serve you.

  • Design and facilitate educational and cultural student and faculty visitation programs
  • Assist with visiting or outgoing delegations
  • Create, negotiate, and execute international partnership agreements
  • Connect international partners and WSU faculty for robust collaborations

International development

GPRS has experience with creating NGOs through WSU. We can help you create or work with in-country NGOs to support:

  • Hiring project employees in another country or to work in another country
  • Opening an in-country bank account for your project
  • Managing tax compliance in your project country
  • Providing a legal structure for implementing large, multi-institutional grants abroad
  • Establishing an administrative infrastructure for a long-term project
  • Creating community impact and long-term project sustainability
  • Building capacity among implementing partners to monitor and evaluate programs

e.g., Tanzania


WSU provided in-country program management and technical services to USDA and USAID/Tanzania to support the achievement of economic growth goals

WSU met USDA’s goals of assisting the USAID Tanzania Economic Growth Office by providing logistical support for technical assessments and managing in-country trainings through its established Tanzania-based office staff.  Specifically, we engaged in agricultural development through programs and partnerships with ministries, universities, cooperatives, and NGOs. We provided technical monitoring and evaluation advising to partners. Critically, we drew on the breadth and depth of WSU faculty expertise in the targeted areas of production agriculture, agricultural economics and agribusiness, horticulture, value-added processing, irrigation, land tenure issues, animal sciences, youth development, natural resources and forestry/forest products processing and marketing, food safety and food processing including value-added nutritional enhancement, and veterinary medicine.