Research Services

WSU has a long-standing history in international research, education, and outreach with partnerships and participants worldwide.

GPRS personnel have decades of in-depth experience with higher education, federal, non-profit, business, and private funding mechanisms for international projects.

We provide services that support WSU researchers—both faculty and students—in their scholarly and creative activities. We are equally focused on supporting visiting faculty, researchers, students, and partner institutions from around the globe.

Making international connections

Interested in encouraging an international focus in your area? Planning to embark on an international research collaboration?

Contact us!

The GPRS international specialists are ready to serve you by:

  • Forming strategic project teams
  • Leading multidisciplinary/interdisciplinary grants
  • Gathering, analyzing, and distributing information on WSU partnerships
  • Establishing international collaborations to promote WSU’s brand and outreach
  • Conducting meetings and workshops to advance WSU’s international research activities, interdisciplinary partnerships, strategic alliances, international collaborations, and brand

Just let us know what your goal is, and we help you get there.

Developing international proposals

We specialize in helping WSU faculty, staff, and students develop competitive proposal content and budgets.

Contact us for:

  • Review of proposals, letters of interest/intent, letters of support from international partners, impact assessment, monitoring, and evaluation frameworks
  • Reviewing proposal guidelines and requirements

If you are a project lead or co-investigator, we help by:

  • Communicating with program officers to ensure WSU’s proposals are aligned with agency priorities and grant/solicitation requirements
  • Coordinating meetings and timelines for developing concepts and proposals
  • Facilitating proposal submissions, budget development, research compliance, and routing procedures with WSU offices (e.g., OGRD, IRB, departments, etc.)
  • Providing information about WSU international engagement record-keeping and items required in proposals or applications

We also provide:

  • International logistics, procurement, and infrastructure development
  • Technical support for monitoring, evaluation, and learning
  • Administrative and programmatic support from proposal development through grant execution
  • NGO development and administration
  • Liaison service between partners and WSU faculty, staff, and Central Services

Two ways to find funding

1. The Office of Research Advancement and Partnerships

We provide faculty with:

  • Funding searches and announcements
  • Limited submission proposal competitions
  • Proposal-writing training and proposal development

2. Contact International Programs

We help you:

  • Search for international research and professional opportunities
  • Identify potential partner organizations (institutional, agency, nonprofit, private sector, etc.) that align with your research goals

Find more funding information and resources.