Tuition and Fees

All costs listed are in U.S. dollars are are subject to change. Actual costs for items other than tuition and fees will vary depending on personal preference.

Academic English


Academic English is offered in 8-week sessions. There are 2 sessions each in spring and fall, and 1 session in summer.

Program Length
(1 session=8 weeks)
1 session2 sessions3 sessions4 sessions
Tuition & fees$3,712$7,424$11,136$14,848
Housing & meals3,1676,3339,50012,668
Books & supplies3466921,0381,384
Total expenses$8,054$16,132$24,185$32,276

Academic English part-time


Yes, you can take courses in Academic English part-time. 

Class Hours1236912

Undergraduate Foundation (UF)


Program Length1 semester2 semesters
Tuition & mandatory fees$14,192
Living expenses$6,299$12,598
Books & supplies$798$1,595
Medical insurance$1,148$2,296

International Master’s (IM)


Program Length1 semester2 semesters
Tuition & mandatory fees$14,430$28,860
Living expense$6,299$12,598
Books & supplies$589$1,179

*Other costs include personal and miscellaneous expenses (for example, laundry, toiletries, health care expenses not covered by insurance, clothing, and entertainment) and will vary depending on personal preference.

For the most current numbers, select the YEAR, CAMPUS, and CAREER PATH based on your current/future information at the WSU Tuition & Expenses web page.