Other Global Learning Opportunities


Internships abroad can satisfy practicum or major-specific internship requirements, as long as you work with your internship faculty at WSU on your plans to go abroad. Students are able to do full-time internships or part-time internships along with other coursework taken abroad during a semester or during the summer, depending on what works best!

What does it mean to be a WSU student abroad?

  • You are insured under our International Insurance policy.
  • You’re eligible to use financial aid.
  • Your coursework is pre-approved by your academic advisor.
  • We provide confirmation of your enrollment to the provider, if they request it.

Most internships abroad are not paid due to visa and tourist limitations.

Affiliated programs

Many of our affiliated providers offer internships, so if you are interested in learning about locations, placements, or eligibility, search for programs on mystudyabroad. All students participating in an internship must complete the Internship Preapproval form with their academic advisor.

Nonaffiliated programs

If you are interested in participating in a program that is not through one of our affiliated providers, we are still happy to support you! You will need to submit a Nonaffiliated Provider form to detail your plans abroad so that we can consider you a WSU student abroad.

Students can find a nonaffiliated internship on their own and go through our Nonaffiliated Program process to get their internship abroad approved. Check out GoinGlobal through ASCC to learn more about independent internships!

If you’re unsure if the program you’re interested in is through an affiliated or nonaffiliated provider, reach out to ip.globallearning@wsu.edu.

Post-graduation internship

Students interested in doing an international internship immediately after graduation are eligible to use an affiliated provider, as long as they are not receiving academic credit. If you are receiving academic credit, you must be a current student, which could mean delaying graduation for 6 months.