The International Center Interns

Campus Friends team


Andersen Barry

Hello everyone, my name is Andersen Barry, and I am a member of the Campus Friends team. I go by Andersen, Andy, or Barry, whichever is your preference. I am an undergraduate student at Washington State University studying history pre-law. I enjoy watching sports, going to the gym, and reading about Ancient Egypt. Please feel free to reach out if you need any support or just want someone to talk to!


Hyunsoo Shim

Hello! My name is Hyunsoo Shim, and you can just call me Shim! I was born and raised in South Korea. I’m studying MIS, Business, and I am a senior. I really like lifting and playing some sports like soccer, badminton, and ping pong. Please let me know if you want to play some sports together! Also, I’m currently part of a Campus Friends team. Please stop by and say hello!


Lily Townsen

Hello my name is Lily , and I am part of the Campus Friends team. I am an accounting student and am a junior. I like music and photography, among other things. Stop by the IC and say “Hey.” I look forward to meeting you.

Engage the World team


Anushka Ramwani

Hey there! My name is Anushka. I am an international student from India, pursuing a bachelor’s in computer science. I have spent some time in Washington. After trying snowtubing, I am starting to like snow a little more, though I still had challenges adjusting to the conditions at first. I like to go to new locations and listen to music when I’m free. I am in the Engage the World team. I am so excited to meet you all! 🙂


Tendai Mugaviri

Hello everyone! My name is Tendai! I am an intern on the Engage the World team. I am an interior design graduate student born and raised in Harare, Zimbabwe. I also consider India a home to me as I was there for my bachelor’s and it grew a place in my heart. I love anything creative from painting/sketching, baking/cooking, singing, and writing. I especially love writing spoken word poetry and hearing it, too. I’d love to hear yours if you have some! I am a total foodie so if you have some good recipes remember me when you cook 🙂. I love meeting new people and I am an open book so I’m excited to get to know you, yes you with the pretty eyes, cheers!

Event Planning team

Yiyuan “Arthur” Jia

Hi! My name is Yiyuan Jia, but please feel free to call me Arthur. I’m from Tianjin, China. I’m a third-year psychology student here at WSU. My interest mainly lies in science and technology, but I have also acquainted myself with a variety of other things, such as history, culture, and languages. In my free time, my favorite activity is to consume all kinds of science-fiction-related contents. I hope we can get along and talk about nerdy stuff! 


James Gia

Hello, I’m James Gia, my last name is pronounced Ya. I’m currently in my 3rd year majoring in Business Administration (BA) and Managing Information Systems (MIS) at WSU. I’m from Kent, WA. I usually like to spend my free time either listening to music, playing games, or hitting the gym. My all-time favorite artist is blackbear, but my Spotify wrapped is Softwilly, keshi, 1nonly, TWICE, and DPR Ian. Feel free to stop by and say hi! 


Kaz Laksmana

Hello, my name is Aqilah Silvia Laksmana from the Event Planners team — I prefer to be called Kaz. I’m an international student from Jakarta, Indonesia — on my second year pursuing a bachelor’s degree in zoology. I enjoy listening to music, especially the band Lovejoy, playing rhythm games, and watching slasher movies – my favourite is Halloween, the one with Michael Myers! Feel free to stop by at the IC and chat with me if you’d like!

Friends and Family team


Callie Kuykendall

Hello, my name is Callie Kuykendall. I am a senior this year studying sustainable agriculture in the CAHNRS college. I am originally from Golden, Colorado, and enjoy a wide variety of hobbies in my free time. What initially got me interested in international community centers is the joy that I got from learning Spanish. I also enjoy playing soccer, reading, going on walks, and having conversations with friends and family.


Yunoka Watanabe

Hello everyone! I’m Yunoka Watanabe from Japan. I’m a senior majoring in psychology and human development. I love traveling. Let me know your favorite places in your city or country. I’ll add them to my travel destination list! I’m looking forward to seeing you.

Marketing and Multimedia team


Khushi Panchal

Namaste everyone, I am Khushi Panchal and I’m on the Event planners team. I’m essentially from India and studying computer science at WSU. I like to explore and learn about new stuff. I’m interested in outer space and learning about galaxies out there. But other than that I like to swim and play pickleball and chess. You can always come to me if you ever feel like you wanna hang out or you need someone to talk to. Let’s make WSU a happy place <3.


Pietra Da Silva

Oi Cougs! I’m Pietra Da Silva, a marketing communications intern. I am from Brazil, and here in Pullman, I am an athlete in cross country and track. I am majoring in Business Marketing! I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, spending time with my family, and practicing with my teammates. Apart from being an intern, I am the founder and president of Global Cougs, a club for international student-athletes. I am excited about the new skills and experience I will gain with this internship!


Tuti From Aceh

Hello everyone! I am Tuti From Aceh, Indonesia. I am one of the interns in the Marketing and Multimedia Team. I am a first-year doctoral student in the Language, Literacy, and Technology program. I like ice cream and chocolate. I also enjoy watching movies/drama, listening to songs, and hanging out with friends. I am joining IC interns because I want to have international friends and learn about world culture. So, drop by to IC and chat with me.

Dependent programming


Riley Evergreen

Hello, I’m Riley Evergreen, I study Genetics and Japanese here at WSU Pullman. I’ve worked in the past as an undergraduate genetics researcher and I’m one of the officers in the WSU Horticulture club. I’m currently studying to possibly be a teacher in Japan and/or work in community outreach. I’m American, born in California, and raised in Oklahoma and Washington. I enjoy learning about other cultures, reading, and getting to know people. So, please feel free to come down and say hi to me in the program’s office.