Global Partnerships and Research Services

Our network is your network.

»Research and educational collaborations
»Measurable, sustainable impacts on global challenges
»Partnerships built on mutual trust and exchange of knowledge

Global Partnerships and Research Services (GPRS) is a leader in establishing networks of international research, technical assistance, teaching, and learning within Washington State University. As the hub for these networks, GPRS catalyzes faculty involvement in international research; expands transformative, global student experiences; and amplifies WSU’s internationalization efforts.

What we do

Reach the world from here.

Need help with research, a project, or program?

Our team creates networks of experienced international researchers, grants and fiscal experts, analysts, technicians, teachers, in-the-field scientists, communicators, and support personnel, all from the multinational community that is Washington State University.

Does your execution need fine-tuning?

We constantly consider how knowledge exchange and technology transfer will best address global challenges and have the greatest impact on your success and on communities in Washington state, the U.S., and the world.

Looking for an affiliate?

We have spent decades building relationships and partnerships globally among WSU faculty and researchers, funding agencies, local and national governments, academic institutions, businesses and NGOs, and citizens.

With our contacts on campus and off, we can help you find the expertise you need for your project’s success. Our network is your network.

Our services

Our team:

  • Brings critical expertise to your pre- and post-award projects
  • Provides logistical support for the various parties involved in your project
  • Ensures you have the proper documentation and preparation for international travel
  • Creates communications and outreach for your internal and external audiences and assists with marketing and publications
  • Fosters knowledge exchange between researchers and community members, and facilitates intercultural communication skills between teams
  • Designs and facilitates educational and cultural visitation programs for students, scholars, and visiting delegations with international partners
  • Collaborates with you on research and project design, implementation, site research and location scouting, procurement, and event management
  • Provides monitoring and evaluation services and reporting for your projects and programs
  • Cultivates partnerships with your international as well as domestic collaborators including governments, NGOs, private sector businesses, and academic institutions for globally focused programming