Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Program for Canadian Students

Established in 1899, today’s WSU College of Veterinary Medicine is accredited by 4 accrediting agencies and widely recognized as a leader in veterinary medical education.


Top 5 reasons to choose WSU for your Vet Med degree

  1. Class sizes that promote individualized learning
  2. Extensive research opportunities including summer research programs and continued DVM/graduate studies
  3. Off-site experiences including Humane Society rotations, the Northwest Bovine Veterinary Experience Program, and Preceptor Clinics throughout the Northwest
  4. Scholarships. Over 90% of students in our program receive scholarships
  5. The clinical and professional skills to be practice ready at the time of graduation

We serve students with interests in all facets of the veterinary profession

A veterinarian checks a dog's foot. 2 helpers hold the dog

Companion animals

A black and white cow nuzzles the chin of a man wearing a ballcap


2 techs pat a horse's head as the horse's leg is being scanned


A vet wearing a mask and bright print scrubs holds a small animal

Private practice

2 people in lab coats appear to inject something into containers they are holding


Students are sitting throughout a tiered classroom


WSU Veterinary Teaching Hospital

At the Washington State University Veterinary Teaching Hospital (VTH), we are devoted to providing the most comprehensive and advanced veterinary care and services available. The VTH is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and diagnostic services, allowing us to handle any situation, ranging from primary health care to those requiring intensive, 24-hour-a-day specialized care. DVM students are encouraged to spend time in the hospital throughout all 4 years of study. 

Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Highly skilled medical faculty

WSU faculty are some of the best in the country, and WSU was the first vet school in the world to launch a Teaching Academy to support and develop excellence in teaching in veterinary medicine. Our first priority is to offer students the best education with highly skilled and dedicated instructors.

99 percent of students passed the N A V L E in 2021 at the time of graduation
98.6 percent of the class of 2021 seeking employment received offers before graduation

Big network

We provide personalized attention to student success while offering the same opportunities for professional growth and the development of clinical, leadership, and interpersonal skills.

Practice ready

We have a traditional curriculum focusing on basic science training, clinical medicine and integration, and hands-on clinical training across a wide range of species. Because of the quality and experience of the faculty and the clinical resources available, students are well-rounded and practice-ready at the time of graduation.


The Clinical Simulation Center offers exceptional hands-on surgical training to veterinary students using a peer-based teaching approach. Students have the opportunity to use simulation tools from basic suturing to models that give an accurate feel of actual exam or surgical procedures.

Exceptional programs, state-of-the-art facilities

Students have access to everything from our full-service Veterinary Teaching Hospital to state-of-the-art diagnostic, anatomy, and research labs, museums, and our accredited Clinical Simulation Center.

Outstanding student support and opportunities

Students gain hands-on experience early in the program. Courses in client communication, surgery skills, and business skills, along with diagnostic challenges, give our students the tools they need to succeed.

Admission requirements

Canadian applicants can apply to the WSU College of Veterinary Medicine through the Veterinary Medical College Application Service (VMCAS). The College does not require GRE for admission.

Students are strongly recommended to apply with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Prerequisite courses

General Biology with lab2 semesters, 1 year
Inorganic Chemistry with lab2 semesters, 1 year
English Composition/Writing2 semesters, 1 year
Organic Chemistry with lab1 semester, 1/2 year
General Physics with lab1 semester, 1/2 year
Genetics1 semester, 1/2 year
Biochemistry1 semester, 1/2 year
Statistics1 semester, 1/2 year
Math (Algebra/Pre-Calculus or higher)1 semester, 1/2 year

Financial aid: Canada Student Loans Program

WSU is authorized by the Canadian Ministry of Education to provide financial aid for Canadian DVM students. These options include:

  • Federal Student Aid Program
  • Provincial Student Aid Program
  • Lines of Credit

The CSLP offers up to 52 weeks annually in interest-subsidized loans, grants, and repayment assistance to full-time and part-time post-secondary education students who maintain satisfactory academic progress as determined by the individual province. You must reapply for a Canada Student Loan every school year. WSU’s school code is MWKO.

WSU’s school code is MWKO.