Funded Projects

Government, NGO, and industry projects

WSU’s Office of International Programs (IP) coordinates international MOUs and IAs for the university.

IP should be consulted in advance of any international MOU or IA being drafted, agreed upon, or signed.

Among our many ongoing projects, GPRS is involved in designing, monitoring, and supporting research and creating professional development and learning opportunities for professionals around the world.

Below is a representative list of government, nongovernmental organization, and industry projects WSU Global Partnerships and Research Services supports and promotes.

University Partnership Program$126KJanuary 2024-March 2025U.S. Department of State/U.S. Embassy SerbiaUniversity of Novi Sad, Department of Journalism, Serbia
Train-the Trainer Workshop in Hyderabad, India$15K2023U.S. Department of State/Office of Public Affairs
Tanzania: Economic Growth Participating Agency Service Agreement$6.3M2015-23USDA-FASUSAID/Tanzania Economic Growth Office
Pakistan: Center for Advanced Studies in Food Security and Agriculture at the University of Agriculture-Faisalabad$1.1M2016-17USAIDUniversity of California, Davis
Colombia: Building Capacity for Research and Extension at Universidad de la Salle$60K2016-17Department of StateNew Mexico State University, University of California, Davis
Afghanistan: Agricultural Extension Project II $4.5M2014-17USAIDUniversity of Maryland, Texas A&M University, Purdue University, University of California, Davis, Afghan Ministry of Agriculture, Irrigation, and Livestock
Algeria: Bee Breeding$32K 2014-17USDA-FASInstitute Technique des Elevages (ITELV), Algeria
Morocco: Fire Blight Disease Affecting Production of Apples and Pears$32K 2014-16USDA-FAS
Afghanistan: Agricultural University Faculty Strengthening $895K 2011-16USAIDPurdue University
Afghanistan: eQuality Alliances with Afghanistan public universities$8.0M2011-16USAIDKabul University
Rwanda: Women’s Leadership Program in Agriculture at the University of Rwanda$75K2012-15USAIDMichigan State University, Ministry of Education, University of Rwanda, Higher Education for Development
Ukraine: Ukraine Agricultural Cooperatives$54K 2012-14USDA-FAS
Afghanistan: Agricultural Extension Project$3.1M 2011-14USDA-FASUniversity of Maryland, Purdue University, University of California, Davis
Mauritania: Food Security and Climate Change$70K 2011-12USDA-FAS
Democratic Republic of Congo and Rwanda: School Gardens Program in Congo and Rwanda $53K 2010-11USDA-FAS
Iraq: Agricultural Extension Revitalization $855K 2007-11USDA-FASTexas A&M University, Utah State University
Georgia: Modernization of the Georgian Agrarian University$208K2005-10USDA-FAS
Ecuador: Youth Leadership Program$218K2007-08Department of StateALLPA Ecological Regeneration Institute
Malawi: Community-based Management of Chia Lagoon Watershed$2.1M 2004-07USAID
Tanzania and Malawi: Dry Bean-Cowpea Collaborative Research Support$3.9M 1980-2007USAIDMichigan State University
Uzbekistan:Education Capacity Building in Water and Environmental Policy Analysis for Uzbekistan and Central Asia $300K2002-05Department of State
China: International American Studies Degree Program Development $119K 2002-05Department of State
Jordan: Skills Enhancement and Support to Decision-makers in Jordan’s Water Sector$1.9M 2000-05USAID
Zambia: Small-scale Irrigation Food Security Program$235K 2003-04USAIDNCBA CLUSA
Armenia: Marketing Assistance Project$490K2002-04USDA
Malawi: Agroforestry Extension Project $6.9M 1992-2004USAID
Uzbekistan and Central Asia Region: Partnership for Environmental Protection and Integrated Water Management$100K 2000-03USAID
Mali: Animal Productivity and Export Project$10.8M 1992-98USAID
Russia: Krasnoyarsk Small and Medium Enterprise Development$2.4M1994-97USAID
Kenya: Small Ruminant Restricted Pox Vectored Vaccine$132K 1991-95USAID
Morocco and Burkina Faso: Analysis of Land and Water Resources Technology in Rain-fed Crop and Livestock Systems$450K 1991-95USDA
Romania: Management Training and Economics Education in Central and Eastern Europe$1.6M 1990-94USAIDUniversity of Washington
Morocco: Dryland Agricultural Applied Research Program$1.0M 1990-94USAIDUniversity of Nebraska
Cameroon: Agricultural Planning and Policy Project$11.0M 1988-93USAID
Mali: Livestock Sector Project (Phase III)$454K 1991-92USAID
Malawi: Agricultural Research and Extension Project$8.0M 1986-92USAIDOregon State University
Jordan: National Agricultural Development Project$9.1M 1986-91USAID
Zimbabwe: Development of Synthetic Peptide Vaccine Against Bovine Anaplasmosis$150K 1987-90USAID
Pakistan: Irrigation Systems Management Research Project$902K 1984-90USAIDUniversity of Idaho
Kenya: Small Ruminant Collaborative Research Support Program$2.2M 1978-90USAID
Lesotho: Farming Systems Research Project$9.6M 1979-86USAID
Jordan: Valley Agricultural Services Project$5.5M 1979-86USAID
Indonesia: Eastern Islands Agricultural Education Project$5.4M 1979-84USAID
Jordan: University of Jordan, College of Agricultural Development$2.2M 1975-79USAID