Conducting Your Research

Conducting your research at WSU

Several kinds of research projects and researchers collect data at WSU. For more information, please contact the Director, Dr. Kate Hellmann.

  • Undergraduate/graduate students doing a project only for a university course or independent study
  • Undergraduate/graduate students observing classes only for a university course or independent study
  • Graduate students writing a thesis/dissertation or academic research for publication/presentation
  • Faculty members conducting academic research
  • Visiting scholars from other universities conducting academic research

Expectations for researchers

To ensure that research does not disrupt teaching and learning at WSU, we ask you to please contact us prior to conducting research so that we can meet with you and review expectations and approved IRB protocol.

  1. All recruitment of study candidates must be done by the researcher and not by IALC faculty.
  2. Once you have IRB approval for your study, the Academic Director will notify IALC faculty. Teachers who wish to participate will contact the researcher.
  3. In general, minimize your class disruptions.
  4. Submit a summary of your findings to both the Director and all participating teachers upon completion of your project.
  5. During the project, it is expected that all procedures (data collection, collecting forms, etc.) shall be completed by the researcher and not fall to our teachers or staff.

Sharing your research

As a part of your research process, we request that you share your findings with IALC faculty and administration. There are a number of ways to do this. For example, you might present to IALC faculty or write a publication or summary of your findings.