The priceless experience of studying abroad is within your reach. We can help you make it happen.

Funding Options

Studying abroad may be less expensive than you think. It takes careful financial planning, so start early.

As you compare program options, take care to note the costs associated with the program as well as expenses not included, such as airfare. Financing a study abroad experience requires careful consideration of the type, term, and location of the program.

Be sure to explore every source of funding you can find. You may be surprised at the number of opportunities available to you.

Your funding sources

Financial aid

The same financial aid that helps pay for your WSU experience—grants and student loans—can also be used for study abroad.


WSU awards scholarships specifically for study abroad. Many other WSU scholarships can be applied toward study abroad. Complete the scholarship questionnaire in your WSU study abroad application to be considered!

Personal finances

Budgeting is a major part of preparing to study abroad. With the help of some easy-to-use tools, you can map out a plan. If you are concerned about finances and program costs, speak with an Office of International Programs advisor. While we cannot pay for your program, we can help you find a way to do so.