Transcript Policy

Transcripts from education abroad programs

WSU students participating in education abroad programs are responsible for ensuring that their transcript(s) from their program(s) abroad are sent to the WSU Office of International Programs – Global Learning Department (Global Learning).

Exception: Students participating in faculty-led programs are exempt from this responsibility. This exemption is limited to the faculty-led program type.

Study abroad transcripts should not be sent to WSU Admissions or the WSU Transfer Center. If your transcript from abroad was mistakenly sent to one of these offices, please email

Some programs produce only an international transcript, some programs produce only a domestic transcript (through a U.S. School of Record), and some programs produce both. International transcripts are required, if available. For programs that produce both an international and a domestic transcript, both may be sent to Global Learning, but only the international transcript is required. If only a domestic transcript is available, then the domestic transcript is required.

Acceptable official transcripts

WSU accepts only official transcripts. Unofficial transcripts, transcript evaluations, grade reports, etc., cannot be accepted. Official transcripts must be sent to Global Learning directly from program providers and/or host institutions without passing through students’ possession in between.

Physical transcripts

Program providers and/or institutions abroad may mail official transcripts in a sealed envelope directly to Global Learning.

IP-Global Learning, WSU
PO Box 645110
Pullman, WA 99164-5110

The above mailing address is preferred. If an alternative mailing address is needed (i.e., not a PO box), please email

Electronic transcripts via vendor

Electronic transcripts can be sent to Global Learning using a third-party vendor, such as Parchment, Naviance, National Student Clearinghouse, or eScrip-Safe. The third-party vendor may send it to Electronic transcripts are accepted only from third-party vendors if the email sent includes a URL that can be copied and pasted into a browser (we cannot click links in emails).

Electronic transcripts via email

Affiliated program providers and/or host institutions may email official transcripts directly to Global Learning at We must verify the email account from which the transcript was sent before we accept emailed transcripts as official. This option is available only to affiliated program providers and bilateral exchange partners (non-affiliated program participants must use one of the other two options above).

Please note

Due to broader university system settings, WSU is unable to accept password-protected PDFs via email. Any emails sent to addresses with password-protected PDFs attached will automatically be blocked from being received. Please ensure that any PDF attachments being emailed to addresses are not password-protected.