Leverage Your Education Abroad

Study abroad can jump start your career

In today’s international marketplace, organizations are looking for employees who understand how to work beyond borders. Whether you plan to join a local company, a government agency, an educational institution, or a multinational corporation, you must prove that you can adapt to a globally connected workplace. Employers increasingly expect candidates to work with widely diverse people from different cultures with different ideas, experiences, values, and viewpoints. Learning abroad is one of the best ways to gain this experience and differentiate yourself from others.

Study abroad strengthens employability

Learning abroad offers a range of programs designed to enhance your college experience, inform your future career, and hone your employability. But your program should work for you. When selecting your learning abroad program, factor in your intended degree, career goals, and personal interests. Consider combining coursework with an internship, community engagement, or research experience to gain direct experience and academic credit, and develop your professional skills and contacts.

Globally competent students graduating from Washington State University, as a result of their Global Learning experiences, will:

  • Understand connections that can be made from historical, cultural, economic, and political contexts that shape society and reflect global systems.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of and be sensitive to others’ differing identities and values across cultures.
  • Apply intercultural communication skills to interact effectively with individuals and in groups.
  • Interact respectfully and responsibly across boundaries in diverse environments.