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Education that opens doors

WSU’s unwavering commitment: Give students the tools they need to unlock untapped strengths.

WSU offers 200+ fields of study, including majors, minors, certificates, and in-major specializations, to prepare students for the future they want. There are nearly 150 graduate and professional degree programs.

Research opportunities, fieldwork, internships, in-depth labs, and study abroad programs inspire students to explore the world with passion and purpose.

Undergraduate programs

With more than 95 bachelor’s degrees, flexible study plans and start dates throughout the year, we will help you find the program that best suits your academic goals and your student profile. Where you begin will depend on your grades and English proficiency level. But no matter what your starting point is, we offer several routes that get you to graduation day so that where you end up is where you want to be, graduating with a degree from WSU.

Bachelor’s degree programs

Students who meet the academic and English language requirements for their degree program are admitted to a 4-year bachelor’s degree program.

Honors College

If you are looking for an academic program with an engaging and experiential-based curriculum that works with all areas of study and a supportive community that provides additional resources and personalized advising, all at no additional cost, you should consider WSU’s Honors College!

Undergraduate Foundation programs

WSU’s Undergraduate Foundation program combines academic support with credit-bearing classes and personalized advising to help you smoothly transition to university life.

Transferring to WSU

Everyone has a different academic journey. Where you’ve come from and where you’re headed affect how you apply to WSU. If you began your post-secondary education at another accredited school and want to transfer, you’ll find WSU is a welcoming place.

Graduate school

We know that as a prospective graduate student, your undergraduate experience or time in the workforce has given you a good idea of what you want to gain in the next phase of your student journey. WSU’s 11 colleges; 106 master’s, doctoral, and professional degrees; and several routes to admission are designed so that no matter what you come in with, there’s a way for you to complete your degree here.

Graduate degree programs

If you meet the academic and English language requirements for your graduate degree program, you can apply directly to the WSU Graduate School.

International Master’s program

Our International Master’s program provides an avenue to earning a master’s degree with added academic support. The program will help build the academic base and essential English language and research skills you need to successfully progress to your master’s degree.

Research that improves lives

What’s important to your future. Health, clean energy, food production, economic opportunity, security—advances made by WSU scientists raise quality of life worldwide.

A top research university. WSU is among 146 out of 4,300+ US colleges and universities named as doctoral universities with the “highest research activity.” (Carnegie Classification, 2022).

Professors are among the best in their fields, including members of the National Academies—the nation’s highest honor for scientific researchers.

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