The International Center takes the lead for International Programs in organizing and facilitating events on campus and throughout the Pullman community.

Community Involvement

University-hosted events

Everyone is invited to the university’s campus for international events.

Center for Civic Engagement

Volunteer in the local community through projects run by the WSU Center for Civic Engagement (CCE). For many projects, transportation is provided.

International Education Week

Presented by the ASWSU International Students’ Council, IE Week events highlight the benefits of international education and introduce the campus and community to WSU’s international population.

International Women’s Day

International Programs helps WSU and the Pullman community recognize International Women’s Day, which celebrates the achievements of women while calling for greater equality.

WSU Cougar Athletics

Sign up and join us at Cougar athletic events. See WSU football, soccer, basketball, and baseball teams (just to name a few) compete against schools from the Pac-12 Conference and across the country.

WSU Health and Wellness

Attend workshops about nutrition, stress management, violence prevention, and much more.

WSU Outdoor Recreation Center

Go for a hike, enjoy a sunset paddle, or take a camping trip. The WSU Outdoor Recreation Center (ORC) can help you find your personal playground on the Palouse. For most trips, transportation is provided.

WSU Residence Life

Participate in the various academic and social programs hosted by WSU Residence Life. Global Scholars Hall, WSU’s newest residence hall, supports the development of intercultural, interpersonal, and leadership skills of its residents. It also serves as a great venue for events.

UN International Day of Peace

On the annual U.N. International Day of Peace, WSU Office of International Programs hosts free, engaging activities to promote global awareness, understand and reduce global and interpersonal conflicts, and take active steps to promote peace.

Community events

The people of Pullman and the Palouse region consider WSU’s international students to be part of the community. You are welcome to join the community’s celebrations and activities. Here is a small sample of the community events you can experience while you’re at WSU.

Apple Picking

The International Center organizes outings to the university’s Tukey Horticulture Orchard and other local farms, where you can pick your own fresh fruit.

Lewiston Roundup and Demolition Derby

Witness cowboys participate in rodeo events at the Lewiston Roundup. You can also see community members crash their own cars into others at the demolition derby.

Moscow Farmers Market

The Farmers Market celebrates local farmers, artisans, and musicians by providing them with an opportunity to interact directly with the community and its visitors. Highlights include farmed and/or created agricultural products (e.g., crops, meat, cheese, wine, etc.), distinctive handmade goods, artisan pieces, and original-recipe cuisine.

National Lentil Festival

The National Lentil Festival, held annually at the end of August, is a perfect—and incredibly fun—way for the international community to experience local culture.

Join thousands of friendly local residents in downtown Pullman for a parade, a street fair, musical performances, and free samples from the world’s largest bowl of chili (made with lentils, of course).

Wheat Harvest

Experience the wheat harvest firsthand as Whitman County wheat farmers take you through the fascinating process of harvesting wheat and getting it ready for transport across the world.

The World at Your Doorstep

Attend a summer outdoor festival downtown with food, music, and culture co-sponsored by local businesses.

Community partner organizations

The Office of International Programs at WSU partners with several organizations in the Pullman community to help students feel at home while they are at WSU. Through these partnerships, international students can experience local culture, serve the community, and learn why we call Pullman home.

Alternatives to Violence of the Palouse: Provides 24-hour support services to victims of family and sexual violence

Bishop Place: The residents of Bishop Place, a community neighborhood for the elderly, enjoy meeting international students.

Kiwanis Club of Pullman: The oldest and largest service club in the Pullman area invites WSU international students to volunteer.

Pullman Chamber of Commerce: The Chamber of Commerce provides information and partners with the international community to present local events.

Palouse-Clearwater Environmental Institute: This local nonprofit organization provides the community with education and programming that targets environmental ethics and sustainability.

Pullman School District: Our students work with after-school programs and in language classes with local students.

Rotary Club: The Rotary Club of Pullman invites international students to dinners where they can meet community members.

YMCA of the Palouse: Students have opportunities to volunteer in programs that promote healthy living, healthy youth, and social responsibility.