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Yes. By applying for your education abroad program through International Programs Global Learning department, you remain a current WSU student.

Yes. However, late cancellations may not be eligible for refunds. Before the WSU study abroad application deadline:

  • Log in to your MyStudyAbroad
  • Click the withdraw button next to the name of the program you wish to withdraw from, and provide a reason for your cancellation
  • No fees will be assessed to your student account

After the WSU study abroad application deadline:

  • Send an email to ip.globallearning@wsu.edu requesting that we cancel your program. The email should include your reason for cancellation, along with your name, ID# and the name of the program you are canceling
  • You will be responsible for all WSU program fees
  • If canceling a faculty-led program after the beginning of the semester, you may also remain responsible for partial or all program costs

Yes, as long as it is before the WSU application deadline. If you have applied for 1 program and have decided to change programs, contact International Programs Global Learning.

We will change your application to the correct program. This will allow you to use all of the materials and questionnaires you have already submitted and attach them to the new program.

Yes, as long as it is before the WSU application deadline. If you have applied for study abroad and would like to delay your application to another semester, contact Global Learning.

Depending on the length of time before you plan to study abroad, we may be able to retain your application and reactivate it when you are ready.

Yes. Anyone who is enrolled at WSU can apply for education abroad.

If you are a student at another university, you must apply to WSU as a non-degree-seeking student before you will be able to open a WSU education abroad application.

No. You must be an enrolled WSU student, either degree or non-degree-seeking student.

This happens fairly frequently. Here is what to do:

  • Choose what seems best from the courses that are available
  • Contact your advisor or academic department at WSU and let them know what courses you are taking and ask what WSU equivalencies they will fulfill
  • Your advisor will need to email Global Learning giving approval for the courses. (Please, no forwarded emails; the email must come directly from a WSU professor or advisor)
  • When you return home, contact your advisor to make sure the courses you took are applied toward the correct WSU requirements

Maybe. Review your program information carefully and meet with a Global Learning advisor if you are unsure.

No. Your financial aid is disbursed directly into your WSU student account. Fees posted to your account will be paid, but WSU cannot forward your aid to any external parties. Regardless of which program you choose, you have some WSU fees billed to your account. In addition, some programs require you also pay an external non-WSU entity.

All WSU study abroad fees and tuition are billed to your myWSU student account. You pay for them the same way you pay for other campus fees or tuition.

Depending on the type of program you select, you may owe fees to external non-WSU entities. If so, you will need to pay the entity directly.

Global Learning will enroll you in the mandatory international health and travel insurance plan prior to the beginning of your program. Once enrolled, you will receive an email with further instructions regarding registration. Completing this step will allow you to print your insurance card.

Yes. Depending on the type of program you choose, you will be taking WSU courses or foreign, non-WSU courses. Both will appear on your official WSU transcript. However, non-WSU course grades will not calculate into your cumulative WSU GPA. They will factor into your major or minor GPA.

If possible, request an English translation to accompany non-English transcripts. Universities in Asia will typically provide English translations automatically, while European universities usually do so only when asked. If you cannot get translations, do not worry. Our credential specialists can locate translators if necessary.

The method of determining the amount of credits awarded to a course varies by country and institution. To keep credits standard this sometimes requires adjusting the amount of credits based upon the U.S. semester credit equivalency.

Basically, 10 ECTS credits = 5 WSU credits. The nice part of the equation is that some fractional credit values of .5 or greater are rounded up, which means that 7 ECTS credits = 4 WSU credits (instead of 3.5).

Check out your program provider’s website or the institution’s website for information about the educational differences you may encounter and for guidelines on credit and grade conversion.

Yes. Final exams cannot be waived or skipped. To uphold the academic integrity of WSU and the programs the university is affiliated with, we have to treat these grades with the same respect and consideration as grades earned on campus.

You can try negotiating a different final exam time with your professor, but be aware that they are not under obligation to change the exam schedule (and may not be able to, in any case). Do not skip the exam. Change your travel plans, if you have to. You must take that final or risk failing the course.

No.  Global Learning tuition as well as program-specific fees are used to pay self-sustaining costs for the study abroad program. Self-sustaining courses are an exception to the staff benefit Tuition Waiver.