Advising Guides

WSU Global Learning partners with academic and other student support units to create advising guides as a study abroad resource for WSU students. We offer advising guides for students of all majors, as well as major-specific advising guides for each WSU major.

Advising guides provide a selection of education abroad programs that are recommended by Global Learning advisors for a particular major or other special focus. Students are not required to participate in a program included in their major’s advising guide; these selections are simply recommendations.


Begin planning as early as possible

  • Talk about studying abroad with your academic advisor at least one year before you plan to depart to give yourself sufficient time to plan (even better, begin planning freshman year).
  • Save UCORE, Honors, and elective courses to be completed abroad for maximum flexibility.
  • Recognize that studying abroad in your final semester may delay graduation.

Advising guides for all majors

Advising guides by major