Graduate Students

Earning a degree from Washington State University earns lifetime membership into a closely bonded group of people who support each other personally and professionally wherever they are around the world.

What Do You Want to Study?

Washington State University is a top-ranked research institution immersed in new discoveries and solutions that make the world a better place. Our 120 master’s degree, doctoral degree, and professional degree programs provide a solid academic foundation from which students can collaborate and partner with world-class faculty to explore and develop ideas to improve our world.

Student Inquiries

If you would like information about attending Washington State University, we will be happy to assist you.

Learn English

(and satisfy the English Language Proficiency admission requirement)

Students who do not currently meet the English Language Proficiency requirement for admission into the graduate program of choice should consider attending the International Master’s Program and/or Academic English. These programs will prepare you with the English and academic skills needed to succeed in your future studies and career.