For Academic Advisors

Academic Advisors are vital to a student’s global engagement. This information is designed to assist you to help your students be Global Cougs at Washington State University.

Interest in Global Learning


Global Learning has opportunities for students available at WSU Everett, Pullman, Spokane, Tri-Cities, Vancouver, and the Global Campus.

Check out Global Cougs 101 to learn more about all that International Programs has to offer.

In addition, International Student and Scholar Services offers a Peer Mentors program and internships are available through the IP International Center.

Study abroad

Students should work with advisors to build study abroad into their 4-year plans.

  • Programs for each major or area interest
  • Fall, spring, and summer program options available

Note: Graduation dates may be delayed for students going abroad their final semester.


To participate in a WSU study abroad opportunity, students must meet the following requirements.

  • Have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above at the time of application
  • Be 18 years or older at the time of the program
  • Be in good standing with the WSU Office of Student Conduct
  • Be a current WSU student (matriculating or non-degree seeking)
  • Complete a WSU Study Abroad application by the deadline

Note: Different program types may have additional requirements or require a higher GPA. Global Learning will check GPA and the student’s WSU conduct record before approving a study abroad experience.

Why be a Global Coug?

Studies show there are many benefits to study abroad.

  • Results in higher GPA and retention rates compared to students who stay on campus
  • Creates more marketability after graduation
  • Meets WSU’s strategic goal to graduate globally minded citizens
  • Fulfills academic requirements
  • Is an adventure of a lifetime

The Global Learning staff is available to answer questions.

Study abroad application phase

Students are encouraged to start planning a year in advance.


WSU application deadlines vary depending on the term and type of program. Students may need to complete additional applications for their intended program.

Course pre-approval form

Advisors assist students with completing the course pre-approval/internship form after a program has been chosen.

  • Establish a course-review process for your department
  • Have students bring a course description or syllabi to be evaluated by their academic advisor
    • Use the form to approve which courses taken abroad will fulfill requirements at WSU
  • Encourage students to meet with their academic advisors well in advance to review courses
  • Submit a completed course pre-approval form to Global Learning prior to departure

If you have questions about how to complete a course pre-approval form contact Global Learning or follow the Course Pre-Approval Guide for Advisors (pdf).

You may also access a list of courses abroad that have already been approved for UCORE equivalencies. New courses can be evaluated for UCORE equivalencies by following the instructions on the course pre-approval form.

Students abroad

Placeholder credits

Unless taking classes on a faculty-led program, students are enrolled in placeholder credits associated with education abroad by the Global Learning department. These credits are labeled EA or ISE on their myWSU accounts. If you have any questions regarding placeholder credits, please contact Global Learning.

Updates to the course pre-approval form

If your student needs to change a class while abroad, he/she/they should contact you to approve any changes. Submit your approval directly to Global Learning. Changes can be submitted in an email or on the course pre-approval form.

Registration for next term

Students may have to register for WSU classes while they are abroad and should discuss this with you prior to departure.

Post study abroad

Transcripts and graduation

Study abroad transcripts, while uncommon, may take up to 6 months to arrive at WSU and be processed. For graduating students, this can delay their graduation date.

Once received by Global Learning, transcripts are sent to International Admissions along with the course pre-approval form(s) for processing. An Education Abroad Credit (EAC) Evaluation Form is generated and sent to the student’s academic advisor.

Students will receive an automated email notification when transcripts have been received by Global Learning.

Education Abroad Credit (EAC) evaluation

The Education Abroad Credit (EAC) evaluation form is used to convert credits earned abroad into WSU-compatible credits for the student’s academic record.

The EAC form lists the student’s information, EAC course number, course title abbreviation, WSU converted credit and grade, course title as listed on transcript, and foreign credit value.

This form is used by university personnel to reference Education Abroad (ED_ABRD) courses listed on a student’s academic report for departmental-approved exceptions.

900 series credits

For students who have returned from their education abroad experience and had transcripts evaluated, ED_ABRD course listings will appear on their WSU Course History and Transcript. These courses replace the EA or ISE placeholder credits.

ED_ABRD courses, also referred to as EACs, are designated 900-999, and each has a specific association. The most common are 900-913 for lower-division undergraduate and 915-929 for upper-division undergraduate.

Incompletes and SAP denial

After the semester ends, any placeholder credits without a grade will become an incomplete or an “I” grade. Incomplete grades or insufficient progress could trigger a SAP denial of funds for the following semester.

Students are advised to contact Student Financial Services with a reminder that they studied abroad for a specific term. In most cases, this resolves the situation.

If transcripts are not received within a year, the incomplete grades become an “F.”

Other opportunities for students

Once your students have returned, there are many opportunities for them to continue their global experiences at WSU.