Friends and Family Program

The Friends and Family program partners WSU students with a local family. The Friends and Family program is not a host family program. Students do not live with the family, but rather spend time with them during the family’s and student’s free time.

The Friends and Family program offers students the opportunity to experience local family life firsthand. It also offers families the opportunity to have an international experience without leaving the Palouse. Students and families may meet during their free time at least once a month. WSU’s International Center will also host a few events each semester to provide more opportunities for participants in the program.

All residents of the Pullman community and all international students are invited to participate.


Application forms

A small commitment of time, openness, and the willingness to help and learn 2 to 3 times a semester (approximately once a month) is all that is required.

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For community members

More Information

To learn more, email or call 509-335-4223 We would love to hear from you.