Approved Courses

12 credits from the following list of selected coursework may be applied to fulfill the academic coursework requirement for the Global Leadership Certificate. Credits earned from courses taken during an education abroad experience may also be applied, as well as up to 4 credit hours of foreign language at or above the 200 level. At least 6 credit hours must be taken at the 300-400 level.

Credited course lists

420 Accounting and Culture

360 [SSCI] Agriculture, Environment and Community
483 Special Topics in Study Abroad

205 [BSCI] Companion Animal Nutrition
280 Animal Science and Society: Current Topics
464 [CAPS] [M] Companion Animal Management
480 Special Topics: Study Abroad
481 Special Topics in Study Abroad: Animal Production Systems in the World
488 [M] Perspectives in Biotechnology

220 Historic Costumes and Textiles I
221 Historic Costumes and Textiles II
413 [CAPS] Global Sourcing
417 [DIVR] Multicultural Perspectives on the Body and Dress
439 International Experience in Apparel/Textiles Field

201 [HUM] Art and Society
203 [DIVR} Peoples of the World
205 [SSCI] Health, Healing, and Medicine Across Cultures
260 [BSCI] Introduction to Physical Anthropology
301 [ARTS] Arts and Media in Global Perspective
309 [SSCI] Cultural Ecology
312 Indigenous Women in Traditional and Contemporary Societies
316 [DIVR] Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
317 Global Feminisms
330 Origins of Culture and Civilization
350 [DIVR] Speech, Thought and Culture
370 Past Environments and Culture
402 Cross-cultural Gender and Kinship
404 [CAPS] The Self in Culture
405 Medical Anthropology
406 Anthropology of Epidemic Disease and Bioterrorism
417 Anthropology and World Problems
418 Human Issues in International Development
450 Ethnolinguistics
469 Genes, Culture and Human Diversity
473 [CAPS] [M] Evolution and Society

110 [BSCI] Biological Perspectives on Environmental Issues
125 [BSCI] Genetics and Society
307 [DIVR] Biology of Women
330 Principles of Conservation
395 Evolutionary Medicine
401 [CAPS] Plants and People
469 [M] Ecosystem Ecology and Global Change
473 [CAPS] [M] Evolution and Society

341 Introduction to Environmental Engineering
401 Climate Change Science and Engineering
465 [CAPS] [M] Integrated Civil Engineering Design

105 [HUM] Communication in Global Contexts
471 [CAPS] Stereotypes in Communication

321 [DIVR] Intercultural Communication
421 [DIVR] Intercultural Communication and Globalization

209 [HUM] Hip Hop Around the Globe
220 [HUM] Introduction to Multicultural Literature
240 Global Indigenous Issues
244 [SSCI] Critical Globalizations
291 [DIVR] Anti-Semitism
301 Race and Global Inequality
325 [DIVR] Traveling Cultures: Tourism in Global Perspective
372 Indigenous Women in Traditional and Contemporary Societies
379 Indigenous Film
380 Immigration and Citizenship in the Global Economy
401 Seminar in Culture and Power
405 [CAPS] Cultural Criticism and Theory
440 [CAPS] Global Social Justice
446 Racism and Anti-Racism in Global Context
470 Indigenous Politics

401 Computers and Society

205 [DIVR] Realizing Justice in a Multicultural Society
405 [M] Comparative Criminal Justice Systems

360 World Agricultural Systems
411 [M] Crop Environment Interactions

206 [DIVR] Digital Inclusion
475 [DIVR] Digital Diversity

101 Fundamentals of Microeconomics
102 Fundamentals of Macroeconomics
198 Economics Honors
326 Aspects of Sustainable Development
327 International Trade and Finance
426 Transportation Economics and Supply Chain Analysis
428 Global Capitalism Today
430 Managing the Global Environment
433 Topics in International Environmental Law, Policy and Institutions
453 International Trade and Marketing

222 World Literature in English
373 20th and 21st Century Global Literatures in English
410 [CAPS] Cultural Criticism and Theory
457 [SSCI] Sociolinguistics

101 [BSCI] Insects and People: A Perspective
102 [BSCI] Entomology in Human Health
150 [BSCI] Insects, Science, and World Cultures
401 Biology and Society, Past and Present
460 Biotechnology and the Environment

110 [BSCI] Environment, Human Life and Sustainability
230 [PSCI] Introductory Oceanography
285 The Science and Policy of Climate Change
300 Natural Resource Ecology
303 Environmental Geology
312 [DIVR] Natural Resources, Society, and the Environment
315 Water and the Earth
335 [M] Environmental Policy
390 Living on the Edge: Global Climate Change and Earth History
404 [CAPS] [M] The Ecosystem
412 [M] Global Biogeochemistry
471 International Wildlife Conservation

201 [ARTS] World Art History I
202 [ARTS] World Art History II
331 Art, Science and Technology

481 (M) International FInance

110 Introduction to Food Science
201 [BSCI] Science on Your Plate

101 [DIVR] Introduction to the World of Languages
110 Introduction to Foreign Film
120 [DIVR] Introduction to Foreign Cultures
130 [HUM] Global Literature in Translation
220 [DIVR] Global Issues, Regional Realities
350 [DIVR] Speech, Thought, and Culture
410 [CAPS] Advanced Topics in Global Cinema
450 Ethnolinguistics

436 [CAPS] Imperialism in the Modern World
464 Comparative Genocide
466 History of the Cold War
486 United States Foreign Relations
491 History of World Trade
492 Cultural Appetites: Food in World History
494 Global Environmental History
495 Space, Place, and Power in History: Historical Geography in Global Perspective

298 Global Leadership
370 Case Study: Global Issues in Social Sciences
380 Case Study: Global Issues in the Arts and Humanities
390 Case Study: Global Issues in the Science

235 [SSCI] Travel, Society and Business

350 [DIVR] Family Diversity
403 [CAPS] Families in Poverty

130 [HUM] Global Literature in Translation
350 Sacred Texts and Cultures of World Religions

380 International Business
415 [M] Law of International Trade
416 [M] Public International Law
435 International Tourism
453 [M] International Management
470 International Trade and Finance
480 Advanced International Business and Leadership
482 [M] International Marketing

350 News and Society

441 Global E-Commerce
448 Global IS Project Management

320 [BSCI] DNA and Society
446 Epidemiology

163 [ARTS] World Music
262 [ARTS] Rock Music: History and Social Analysis

322 The Human Experience of Diversity and Health
455 Cultural Safety and Social Justice in Global Society
481 International Health Care

475 [CAPS] Zombie Apocalypse

102 [SSCI] Introduction to Comparative Politics
103 [SSCI] International Politics
314 National States and Global Challenges
405 [M] Comparative Criminal Justice Systems
418 Human Issues in International Development
424 [M] US National Security Policy
427 United States Foreign Relations
432 [M] Comparative Public Policy
435 Politics of Developing Nations
447 [M] Comparative Public Administration

250 Global History of Design I
350 [M] Global History of Design II

102 [SSCI] Social Problems
250 Perspectives on Disability
331 Population, Resources, and the Future
332 [SSCI] Sustainability and Society
333 Science, Power and Human Values
375 Aspects of Sustainable Development
415 [CAPS] Globalization
418 Human Issues in International Development
430 Society and Technology

360 World Agricultural Systems

384 Global Sport Management

330 Diversity in Education
480 Multicultural Education in a Global Society
487 Global Geography

120 [DIVR] Sex, Race, and Reproduction in Global Health Politics
316 [DIVR] Gender in Cross Cultural Perspective
332 Global Feminisms
340 Third World Women and Film
406 Women and Work In Global Contexts