Experience WSU Video Description

Video description

(rousing, bouncy instrumental music with a strong beat)

Bronze statue of Butch the cougar in front of a red-leafed tree.

A female student looks back smiling at a tall male student as they walk on campus. Two walkers are in the background.

A blond woman wearing green and black sports gloves holds a volleyball as she looks at the camera.

Streams of water arc to the center of a circle of stone column fountains on the WSU Tri-Cities campus. Trees and a building are in the background.

A male student smiles at the camera in front of a tower in the background.

Women students in WSU track uniforms compete in a race.

Tongs grasp two pieces among many in a brick kiln.

Side view of a glass and brick WSU building.

A student wearing a backpack walks up stairs between a light wood wall and steel-framed glass windows.

A woman in silhouette walks across a room with a window wall and a cougar flag waving in the background outside. 3 students and chairs are in the room behind the walker.

4 women in knit caps pose for a selfie in the light snow.

A longshot of students walking in the snow between red brick buildings on campus.

A woman in a red hazard vest holding a large trash bag leans on a large boulder in the outdoors.

Band members wearing white hats and Cougars banners line up facing away from the camera.

A band member in formation plays the saxophone.

A graduating student in cap and gown wearing cultural icons smiles at the camera.

A student and professor examine petri dishes against a light source.

A woman wearing eye protection and a lab coat walks the aisle between 2 counters with shelves and starts working at a station.

A diverse group of students pose for the camera outside.

5 students walk in different directions during a snowfall. 4 wear coats, one is in shorts and short sleeved shirt.

Head shot of a student smiling at the camera in front of a grey background.

Very close up shot of a blurred face wearing glasses with the face in detail reflected in a lens being held.

A woman on stage holds up her right arm while holding a lab coat with her left hand.

A mountain against an orange and yellow sky.

2 women ride electric scooters on a wide paved trail.

A woman in a black shirt and man in a red WSU Tri-Cities t-shirt walk away from the camera in an orchard.

2 female students holding pens look down at a paper.

Overhead shot of a person arranging work papers on a large desk.

Quick cuts of students working together, high-voltage electric lines, a tennis player, lightning over a field, football players entering the packed Cougar field with flames shooting out 2 columns, a man in a shop pointing out something in a concrete counter, 2 pointed sticks wrapped in a frayed coiled cloth, 2 students wearing latex gloves hold a steel cup and discuss its contents.

Blue sky, wispy clouds and the sun.

The street and sidewalk full of students between classes.

A man in a white shirt and a man in a WSU t-shirt, high five in front of a building with an American flag on a tall pole.

2 women in white uniforms are happy.

A man and 2 women wearing backpacks walk down steps and join a group at a table outdoors.

1 student is writing in a notebook, 1 is working a a laptop and a student seated in the background looks down.

2 women students in soccer uniforms collide in midair with the ball between them and an opposing player stands against them in front.

3 students in a kayak are flanked by 2 students on paddle boards. 4 students are waving.

A student in cap and gown leans into a student in a gown holding a cellphone point to the camera as they stand in front of a crowd in caps and gowns.

2 women share a big laugh out of doors, 1 has her arm draped over the other’s shoulder.

2 women seated next to each other share a laugh.

A student bends down to look through a survey device.

Students seem to walk single file across a grassy expanse of a hill.

A woman wearing a bright red knit headscarf wearing a lab coat, eye protections and blue latex gloves holds a long tube at a high lab counter.

Quick cuts of frozen fall leaves, a student drawing, white bare tree topped with snow in front of red glass building, 3 women hanging out in a hammock next to a grassy hill with building in the back, 4 students playing hacky sack, a woman and man wearing stethoscopes look at the hands of someone in a hospital bed, Schnitzer Museum of Art, students outside playing foosball, a man and woman look at diagrams on a glass board, man in front of a white board holding his hands level against each other with students seated at tables watching, 2 big murals set up at an outside basketball court under a blue sky with wispy clouds, an apple tree ringed by spotlights.

Cheer squad in uniform with pompons and megaphones and bandmember with drums and cymbals in WSU gear lead a cheer.

Large WSU coug head on the side of a red building framed by tree limbs and snow.

Sheaf of green wheat.

4 men take part in a white coat ceremony.

Confetti rains down in WSU coliseum full of graduate students and families and friends.

3 women in red sorority t shirts dance for an audience standing behind them on the mall.

Quick cuts Woman in cap and gown sports a big smile while holding a large bundle of deep pink and pale pink flowers. Students walk on the mall surrounded by trees in spring foliage, lone person running on a trail on campus with Mt. Rainier in the background, Butch flexes on the football field, students pack the bleachers, a woman in glasses with a lanyard and pink watch sits at a table with 2 people, a graduating student waves to someone in the audience, closeup of a large insect resting on the hand of a women, a graduating student holds out 2 bouquets of roses, 2 women relax in their dorm room, 2 students wear big bubbles while 1 watches, deep red sunset over water and forested hills, students in crew boats race as students watch from the beach in the background

(music fades)