Requirements for Undergraduate Admission

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You may apply for admission using the WSU application, the Common App if you are applying as a first-year undergraduate, or through the Cialfo application if your school is a member of Cialfo. Find more information about applying to WSU on our Applications and Forms page.

Application fee

Applications must be submitted with a nonrefundable $70 application fee to be considered. Submitting the application and the fee begins the admission process and should be done as soon as possible to avoid delays. WSU cannot review your application without the $70 application fee.

Academic requirements

Secondary school

To be considered for admission to Washington State University as a first-year student, a student needs to complete at least 12 years of school, culminating in an appropriate secondary certificate or external examination. (We may consider the first year or two of university in some countries to be secondary level.)

Schooling should include preparation in humanities, mathematics, basic sciences, and social sciences.

WSU requires a minimum grade point average of 2.70 (on a 4.00 scale) for admission as an international first-year student.

College or university transfer

To be admitted to WSU as an international transfer student, you need to complete a minimum of 27 semester credits or at least 1 full year of study at an accredited post-secondary school. WSU requires a minimum grade point average of at least 2.50 (on a 4.00 scale) for admission as an international transfer student.

Transfer your credits to WSU

Our Transfer Course Search Tool can help you determine which of your classes will transfer to WSU. You can also use it to find out which courses you should be taking to meet your future WSU requirements. If you are transferring from an international university, we strongly recommend you submit a Course Equivalency Evaluation Request Form and provide your syllabi (in English). This will ensure your credits transfer to WSU in the most helpful way possible toward your degree.

Transfer credit for AS and A-Level examinations

Students who have completed GCE AS or A-level examinations may qualify for transfer credit. Visit our Cambridge Credit Chart for more detailed information on which exams qualify for AS and A-level transfer credit. To receive transfer credit, applicants must have the awarding body send their official AS/A-level Statement of Results to WSU.

Transfer credit for IB exams

WSU awards transfer credits for International Baccalaureate (IB) standard and higher level examinations. Visit our IB Credit Chart to see how your standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) exams will transfer to WSU.

“I was really interested in communications and Washington State University has a great program in this area. WSU is a great place to network. Transferring to WSU worked out very well!”

Evelyne Mayem, Chad

English proficiency

There are 3 ways to meet the university’s English language proficiency requirement.

1. Language proficiency exams

WSU accepts scores from the following exams. Score reports can be uploaded into the online international undergraduate admission application at time of submission or emailed or sent by postal mail to our office.  Scores must be less than 2 years old.

Study Plan:Traditional Admission1-Term Bridge2-Semester/1-Year Bridge1 Eight-Week Session*
CambridgeC1 AdvancedB2 FirstB2 FirstB1 Primary
CSATLevel 1Level 2__
EikenLevel 1Level Pre-1Level 2_
IELTS6.56 5.55
Oxford ELLT7654
PasswordLevel 6.5Level 6Level 5Level 4
TOEFL Essentials87.54.53.5
TOEFL iBT75706050

Tests: Cambridge; CSAT: College Scholastic Ability Test; Duolingo; Eiken; Gaokao; IELA: International English Language Test Assessment; IELTS: International English Language Testing System; ITEP: International Test of English Proficiency; LCA: Language Cert Academic; MET: Michigan English Test; Oxford ELLT: English Language Level Test; Password; PTEA: Pearson Test of English Academic; TOEFL Essentials: Test of English as a Foreign Language; TOEFL iBT: Internet-based Test

Please have Duolingo, TOEFL, and IELTS scores sent directly from the testing agency.


For Duolingo tests, you will have to select Washington State University as your school of choice. Please read the rules and follow them CAREFULLY.

  1. Log in to with the email address you used to take the test.
  2. Scroll down to your certified test results and click the “SEND RESULTS” button at the top next to “print results.”
  3. Select university for what you are applying to.
  4. Start typing Washington State University and select your choice using the checkbox. Be sure to select Undergraduate for your level.
  5. If you have an applicant ID, do not forget to add it!
  6. Press “Send.”

How-to Video


Your test fee includes up to 4 free official TOEFL score reports to be sent to the institutions, agencies, or other recipients that you select before you take the test. You can add or delete recipients through your ETS account until 10 p.m. (local test center time) on the day before your test.

  1. Log in to your TOEFL iBT account
  2. On the home page, select “Order Score Reports.” (You will need to register for a test date before you can do this step.)
  3. For Product Type, click “TOEFL Services” then click “Continue.”
  4. Select the test date you want to send the scores of and click “Continue.”
  5. Search for Washington State University and select it. Use the school code 4705.


If you took your IELTS exam in a test center, you could request to send IELTS results to up to 5 organizations. We would prefer that you send the results to us electronically. Make this request with your test center.

IELTS One Skill Re-Take Policy for WSU 

If you’d taken the IELTS and you did not do well on one of the skills, you can take the IELTS One Skill Retake at any test centre where it is offered within 60 days of the original test date.

More information is here:

Online test takers can send their results to as many institutions as they need.

Here is the information you will need for the request:

Name of department: International Undergraduate Admissions

Name of Institution: Washington State University



Office of International Programs International Undergraduate
PO Box 645115
Pullman, WA 99164-5115

2. Language waivers

There are several ways to qualify for a waiver. You will not need to provide an exam score if you meet any of these criteria:

  • Waiver Option A – If you have attended a U.S. high school or an international high school that is regionally accredited in the United States for 3 or more years
  • Waiver Option B – If you have attended a U.S. regionally accredited college or university, have completed the transferable equivalents of WSU’s English 101 and 102 with a 3.0 grade point average for each course at the time of application, and have 27 semester (40 quarter) transferable credits completed by the beginning of classes for the term you are applying
  • Waiver Option C – If you have attended a U.S. regionally accredited college or university and have earned at least 53 semester (80 quarter) hours of transferable credits by the beginning of classes for the term you are applying
  • Waiver Option D – If you have attended a U.S. regionally accredited college or university and have completed an Associate of Arts or Associate of Sciences degree from the college or university with a minimum GPA of 2.5 by the beginning of classes for the term you are applying
  • Waiver Option E – If you are a citizen of Anguilla, Antigua and Barbuda, Australia, The Bahamas, Barbados, Belize, Bermuda, British Overseas Territories, British Virgin Islands, Botswana, Cameroon, Canada, Cayman Island, Dominica, Gambia, Ghana, Grenada, Guyana, Ireland,  Jamaica, Kenya, Montserrat, New Zealand, Nigeria, Rwanda, Saint Lucia, Saint Christopher (St. Kitts) and Nevis, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Singapore, South Africa, South Sudan, Tanzania, Trinidad and Tobago, Turks and Caicos Islands, Uganda, and the United Kingdom
  • Waiver Option F – You were schooled outside the United States at a school where the language of instruction was English (provide an official letter from the school stating English was the language of instruction while you attended)

3. Learn English at WSU

WSU offers Undergraduate Foundation and International Master’s programs that prepare international students for study at the university by allowing students to complete coursework (classes that count toward your degree) alongside English support courses.

For more program information


WSU International Admissions will review your application for admission using unofficial copies of transcripts from the secondary and post-secondary schools you have attended. We will provide you with an admission decision based on the review of your transcripts and will then require you to provide us with official transcripts prior to your arrival at WSU.

  • Transfer students – If you have attended 1 or more years of college or university studies, you will need to have each college or university you have attended send us transcripts. We will not require secondary/high school transcripts if you have 1 year or more of higher education completed.
  • First-year students – If you have attended only secondary/high school, you will need to have each secondary/high school you attended send us transcripts.

You may attach your unofficial transcripts to the application, provide them by email, or send official transcripts directly to Washington State University. Official transcripts mean the transcripts need to be sent directly from the school, college, or university you have attended. Transcripts should include courses taken, grade received, and degrees or certificates earned.

Whenever possible, transcripts should be provided in English. If not available in English, transcripts will need to be translated. An original version of the transcript and the translated copy should be provided to WSU International Admissions.

Evaluation and translation

When you send transcripts to the International Admissions Office at Washington State University, we will complete the credential/transcript evaluation for you. This is an important part of the admission process. Our credential evaluators will review your transcripts from your high school and convert them to a U.S. grading scale to determine your grade point average (GPA). We will use this GPA to determine your admission eligibility. If you have questions about how your grades will convert to the U.S. grading scale, please contact us.


Provide a copy of the identity page of your passport or national identification card along with your WSU application for admission. You may upload this document into the online application before submitting the application for our review or you can scan and email it to us or send by postal mail.

If any dependents (wife, husband, or child) will be coming to WSU with you, provide a copy of the passport identity page or national identification card for each of them as well.

Certificate of Finances

After you have been admitted, you will need to provide verification of financial support for at least 1 year of tuition and expenses. This support may be provided through any combination of personal or sponsored funds. Complete and return the form below that matches your placement.

Send the completed Certificate of Finances form to the International Admissions department at WSU. Forms are accepted by mail or email.

Office of International Programs
International Admissions
Bryan Hall 108
PO Box 645115
Pullman, WA 99164-5115

Materials sent to Washington State University will not be returned.

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