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Washington State University
International On Campus

The International Center Interns

Campus Friends

International Programs Intern
Van Anh Dao “Tracy”

Hi, my name is Van Anh, people usually call me Tracy. I’m from Vietnam, a country in Southeast Asia. I am a sophomore and I’m majoring in Finance and International Business. In my leisure time, I love practicing piano, reading books, baking, and learning Chinese. I also super super super love music and usually dance along with it! I have been practicing different types of dancing since I was 12. I also love to learn about different cultural practices as well as international cuisines and making connections with friends from different nations.

International Programs Intern
Jiaying Wang

My name is Jiaying and I am from China. I am a graduate student majoring in mechanical engineering. This is my 9th semester at WSU! I love singing and playing the piano and I am beginning to learn yoga.

Engage the World

International Programs Intern
Quynh Luu

I’m Quynh, you can also call me Quinn. I’m an international student from Ho Chi Minh city, Vietnam. I’m majoring in Nursing and this is my second year at WSU. I have a kitten name Yumii. For my free time, I usually watch K-dramas and sometimes play the guitar. I love to travel and take pictures.

International Programs Intern
Samantha Reyes

My name is Sammy Reyes. I am a senior majoring in Economics and German for the Professions. I am from Olympia, Washington and am a true Washingtonian. I enjoy walks in the rain without an umbrella, local coffee shops, and yoga. I am happy to work with the International Center because I get to meet students from other countries and learn about their cultures.

Events Planning

International Programs Intern
I Weng Si “Aimee”

Hello my name is I Weng Si, you can also call me Aimee. I am from China and I am a senior student here at WSU with a Hospitality Business Management major. I love to listen to all different kinds of music and love to cook different types of food. I am also a big fan of coffee as well. Hope one day I can have my own café. I love to travel and try new things!

International Programs Intern
JeHyeon Moon “Harry”

Hello, I’m JeHyeon, but you can call me Harry. I’m a senior at WSU and majoring in hospitality. I’m originally from Korea but lived in Thailand for 6 years during my middle and high school years. In my free time, I like to explore nature with my camera. I enjoy taking pictures of the different views and nature of the Pacific Northwest. Traveling is another hobby I enjoy and the Pacific Northwest offers a lot of places to go. Whether it is hiking, going on a road trip, or walking around the city, I enjoy capturing every moment!

International Programs Intern
Yu-Chieh Wang

My name is Yu-Chieh Wang. I’m an optimistic, outgoing, and responsible Taiwanese girl. I have studied computer science at WSU since 2018. I love to travel around, and share photos on Google Maps. My hobbies are playing board games and badminton, making desserts, and watching sci-fi movies.


International Programs Intern
Yi-Ning Tai

Hi! I’m a graduate student in Apparel, Merchandising, Design and Textiles. I really love traveling to different places, meeting people and absorbing different cultures. I have been to Serbia, China, and Canada and hope to keep adding to that list!

International Programs Intern
Vuochlang Chang

Hello everyone! My name is Vuochlang Chang and I am from Cambodia. I am a Junior and my major is Computer Science. A fun fact about me is that I enjoy eating spicy food! A little bit of spice will always make the food taste better!

English Conversation Table Lead

International Programs Intern
Zara Cruden

I am a WSU alumna who graduated this past May with a BA in English. I enjoy reading different books, writing my own novels, and riding my horse. I am serving as an AmeriCorps volunteer with the Orient School in Northeast Washington, as well as volunteering for the WSU International Center. I have worked for the IC for the past two years and am very excited to work with them again!